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Exciting news! We're moving to a new website over the next few months. As you navigate, you may see a mix of new and old pages.

A modernized brand was important to reflect the company we are today — and where we’re headed!

I became Calian’s CEO approximately five years ago, after serving for a number of years as a division president at the company. I was excited to build on the solid foundation of the company, and to continue to work with the Calian team to take the company to new heights embracing the diverse nature of the company.

Looking around the company, I realized Calian did all these amazing things for critical industries — like training and health services for Canada’s military, satellite communications support for space missions, manufacturing of defence components, and critical IT support for the private and public sectors.

What kind of company does this? None other than us, it was fairly evident. I saw Calian as a unique company offering such specialized and diverse services, with huge potential for expansion. I decided to lead the company on a new strategic path to grow and evolve, to embrace our diverse service offerings with more focus and better alignment internally and externally.

This approach led us to our announcement last year that we were organizing the company by four segments: Health, Advanced Technologies, Learning, and Information Technology. With our diverse company simplified, we needed to update our external identity to better reflect who we are today — and where we’re headed.

Calian recently celebrated 38 years in business. It’s amazing how far we’ve come since our founding as a small IT services firm. We’re still headquartered in Ottawa, but today we employ more than 4,400 employees in four business units across Canada and Europe, and deliver products, services and solutions for domestic and global markets.

As we continue on this growth journey, our modernized brand and new website more accurately reflects who we are: a dedicated group of experts solving complex challenges for some of the world’s most critical industries.

Not only that — we’re growing, innovating, and continue to expand into global markets. The reality is Calian is in the midst of a multi-year pivot. We’re pivoting from a conservative, steady, stable company to a more dynamic, innovative, global growth company.

In support of our growth objectives, in the past three years alone, Calian has closed nine acquisitions that have enhanced our products, services and solutions. We’ve expanded into Europe. We’ve introduced six new proprietary products in the industry areas of satellite communications, defence training, emergency management, and agricultural technology.

As we continue to grow, it makes me proud to receive recognition as the team delivering innovative solutions that help the world communicate, learn, lead healthy lives and stay safe. The relevance of what Calian delivers could not be more evident as the world addresses a global pandemic and we observe the difficult challenges so many are facing. I could not be prouder of how our team and our company has performed.

Stay tuned as we continue to get the word out. With our new go-to-market approach, we want the world to know that we’re a bigger, more innovative player than ever, and we’re not done yet — we’re just getting started.

If you haven’t already, check out Calian’s brand refresh video: Calian - We're Just Getting Started!