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DOCSIS Remote PHY Solutions

With a mature IP portfolio of DOCSIS remote PHY technologies, the Calian advanced signal processing algorithms and proven designs support all types of distributed access architectures including DOCSIS 4.0 products.

Remote PHY designs and modules are available and suitable for integration into existing or in-development fiber node products.

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DOCSIS Test & Measurement

With a pedigree of offering high-performance test solutions, Calian offers and produces DOCSIS test and measurement products in cooperation with Rohde & Schwarz.

DOCSIS test products focus on RF and physical layer diagnostics. These products generate and measure every type of signal found in cable HFC networks. Applications include laboratory testing and field monitoring.

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Our success is rooted in our people.

Meet our experts

Dan Coode

Wired & Terrestrial Wireless

Dan is the Vice-President of Terrestrial, where he was instrumental in building its Wired & Terrestrial Wireless business. He has served as a contributing engineer to the CableLabs DOCSIS 3.1 specification and is a Senior IEEE member, where he has held multiple senior roles. He has bachelor's degrees in both Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan and 20 years of industry experience. Dan's current responsibilities are the continued success of the terrestrial divisions within Calian, Advanced Technologies.

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David Young


David serves as technical lead and product architect for Calian’s DOCSIS Remote-PHY developments and has had a principal role in algorithm design for PHY components used in Calian Remote-PHY and DOCSIS test equipment. David is a contributing engineer to the CableLabs Remote-PHY and DOCSIS 4.0 working groups, and he is an IEEE member currently serving as the Vice Chair of the Joint Chapter of the Circuits and Systems, Signal Processing, and Communications Societies for the IEEE North Saskatchewan Section. He holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from Queen’s University, Kingston, and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, all in Electrical and Computer Engineering, specializing in digital communications theory.

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Cinnati Loi


Cinnati Loi is a Senior Hardware Engineer at Calian who has been responsible for developing, implementing and testing Calian’s cutting edge CableLabs DOCSIS 3.1 and Remote-PHY technologies. Cinnati has served as a contributing engineer to the CableLabs Full Duplex DOCSIS PHY working groups, and he is an IEEE member and has been an active volunteer leader in the IEEE North Saskatchewan Section and IEEE Canada. Cinnati holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan.

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Neil Gendzwill


Neil leads software development and interoperability testing for Calian's Remote-PHY products. He was Calian's representative for OpenRPD, a CableLabs project to develop an open source Remote-PHY Device. Neil has contributed to numerous projects in the satellite, aerospace and cable industries over his 30 year career with Calian. Neil holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan.

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