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Military and Civilian Interaction Exercises

Over the past 20 years, Calian has worked with global militaries on a large number of major military exercises, and each year these exercises are more complex and more involved. Calian brings together a cohesive and comprehensive exercise plan, putting in place the required training resources and expertise to make it happen. We create exercises that challenge and enlighten as well as test resilience and capabilities for better, deeper, training and learning.

Expert Military Training Exercise Delivery

Most defence consultancies end after the planning stage. Calian sees every training exercise, military, civil or joint, through from conception to conclusion. This ensures the continuity of purpose, method and approach that is so important for post-exercise reporting and assessments. And we can bring that same expertise, precision and delivery to comprehensive training exercises for your business, organisation, NGO, government or joint military force.

Simulated Exercise Scripting Services

Calian scripts realistic storylines and organizational responses, created in consultation with our experienced associates. Drawing on a range of expertise from both civil and military backgrounds, we can create scenarios that are realistic and holistic, so that your trainees have the most true-to-life experience possible.

Exercise Scripting Services

Calian exercise scripting services offer:

  • Realistic storylines for crisis management or disaster management
  • Accurate, real-world scripting for civil and military interactions
  • Comprehensive, accurate scripts for multi-agency exercises involving NGOs
  • Authentic scripts for host nations or organizations
  • Expert associates to ensure the right voice and style for each organization

Military Scripting Services

Our extensive experience with NATO and the Canadian military ensures our simulated military exercise scripting is second-to-none, accurately portraying the different characteristics of forces around the world. We have much experience in designing, developing and supporting training events for DND and NATO joint operational level staff. Calian is well-placed to understand what is required to support any HQ through the process of training and qualification.

Calian MaestroEDE

MaestroEDE (exercise development environment) is a web-based tool, customized to your organization, aimed at providing efficiency, flexibility and control to exercise leaders and developers throughout the lifecycle of an exercise. It is available as software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on-premise in a standalone, secure environment.

This is a second-generation tool built on the experience of its predecessor and was designed with the future in mind. We rely on it ourselves to deliver high-value training, and so can you.

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Our Experts

Our team has decades of experience in training strategy and planning, complex scenario and scripting, exercise design, development and delivery, operational planning solutions and customized training and mentoring.

Kent Davis

Kent Davis is a bilingual retired Canadian Army senior officer with a demonstrated record of achievement in providing corporate, personnel, and institutional leadership across joint and tri-service operational training.

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John Cullen

John Cullen is Director, Global Defence and Security, servicing NATO, the European Union and European nations. For more than 12 years, John has played a key role in designing, developing and delivering exercises and training events for senior leaders across NATO in support of the Joint Warfare Centre in Stavanger, Norway. With a view to business development and European expansion, he continues to participate in exercise design and training delivery to understand client needs and remain current on crisis management doctrine and processes.

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Howard Chaganis

Howard Chaganis is Director, Operations, Calian UK. After gaining a BSc in Geography at Oxford Brookes University he moved to The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, gaining his commission with The Royal Green Jackets as an Infantry Officer and serving on operations worldwide. On leaving the British Army after 10 years of service, Howard Chaganis has concentrated the majority of his consultancy within NATO, with a particular focus on Scenario development and the command and control elements of large-scale, complex exercises.

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Chesney Clark

Chesney Clark is the Director, Business Development, Calian, UK. He completed his BA/ MA at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, prior to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, gaining a commission as an Officer in the Army Air Corps as a helicopter pilot. Since leaving active service in 2013, Chesney Clark has worked as a Defence consultant, focused on NATO training, exercises and scenario development. Extensive experience in Security Sector Reform training, NATO exercise planning/ execution, and constructing winning teams to support public/ private sector clients.

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David Chupick

Dave Chupick brings to the team decades of combined training experience with the military and as a civilian working for Calian Group Ltd. He’s led and managed many diverse teams, working with clients to design, develop and deliver large complex exercises for the Canadian military, Canadian federal and provincial governments, the African Union and in support of NATO through exercises in the Canadian Army’s High Readiness Program. He’s also part of the project team continuing the evolution of the exercise development software – Calian MaestroEDE.

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Eric Norton

Eric's primary role is to find technology solutions to training problems. He has more than 15 years of experience designing and building software capabilities for Calian’s biggest training contract with the Canadian Army Simulation Centre. His work has predominantly centred on making improvements to the learning environment. So, whether it was building software tools that helped simulations communicate or building tools to help productivity in terms of how we create our learning scenarios, Eric has a deep understanding of military training and exercise environments.

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Rex Barnes

Rex Barnes had a 30+ year career in the UK Royal Marines, with command roles at every rank up to Commanding Officer. On completion of service in 2012, Rex moved to Australia with BAE Systems where he was delivery manager for two LHD amphibious platforms for the Royal Australian Navy. On returning to UK Rex founded and became managing director of GGR Training Limited then moved to Calian as the Manager, Calian, UK in 2022.

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