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Defence services and military training

Calian supports national defence with advanced military training, tactical equipment and support services. Our commitment ensures operational readiness and strategic advantage.

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Government and public service

Calian empowers public sector efficiency with comprehensive governmental and civic solutions. Our expertise streamlines service delivery to communities and fosters civic engagement. 

Health solutions

Calian is dedicated to improving health outcomes through state-of-the-art medical technologies and patient-centric care. Our healthcare innovations support both practitioners and patients. 

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Nuclear services

Calian provides critical nuclear services, from operational safety to waste management, ensuring a safer nuclear industry. Our expertise supports the entire nuclear lifecycle with precision and care.

Energy, resources and environmental solutions

Calian leads in providing efficient energy management and environmental services, driving resource sustainability. We deliver solutions that reduce ecological footprints while enhancing energy production. 

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Space solutions

We extend our expertise beyond Earth, providing innovative solutions for space exploration and satellite communications. Calian technologies ensure mission success from launch to orbit and beyond. 

Network and communication infrastructure 

Our network solutions ensure robust communication infrastructures that are secure, scalable and resilient. We connect the world with advanced networking and seamless integration. 

Security guard using iBeacons Positioning Tracking

Public safety solutions

Calian enhances public security with integrated emergency management systems and advanced surveillance technology. We are committed to protecting communities and maintaining public trust. 


Calian revolutionizes manufacturing with automation and smart factory solutions, elevating productivity and quality. By integrating cutting-edge technology, we’re able to streamline production processes. 

Agriculture solutions and products

Our agricultural  solutions foster sustainable farming practices through innovative technology and data analytics. Calian enables farmers to maximize yield and reduce environmental impact

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Transportation solutions

Calian drives the future of transportation with smart, efficient and safe solutions for land, sea and air. We innovate to keep the world moving smoothly with advanced logistics and infrastructure management. 


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