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Calian’s innovative solutions for the energy, nuclear, and environmental sectors bridge the gap between emerging technologies and current best practices.

Aerial view of a satellite ground station with multiple dish antennas on a clear day.

Environmental protection and monitoring

Calian helps the satcom industry communicate and stay connected by providing innovative products and solutions that deliver high performance and reliability in a world that’s always changing. 

We offer a broad range of economical high-performance, multi-constellation and multiband antennas in sizes to suit almost every application, including earth observation ground systems for customers who require high-performance telemetry tracking and control (TT&C) and data reception capabilities.

Group of people using virtual reality headsets during a workshop.

Immersive learning for safety-focused tasks

Calian’s cutting-edge immersive learning solutions employ virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to sharpen your team’s skills in realistic, virtual job site simulations for practical, hands-on training. Our learning solutions allow for training personnel in safety-focused, procedure-driven job roles without the risks associated with on-site training. 
Worker in protective gear handling hazardous materials in an industrial setting.

Risk-based solutions for the nuclear industry

Calian Nuclear has significant expertise in modelling and assessing the radiological impact of nuclear facilities and activities on the environment and supports government and defence organizations in the development, implementation and certification of radiation protection and dosimetry programs. 

  • We are committed to the safe management of radiological waste and decommissioning of nuclear facilities to ensure the protection of the public and our environment.
  • Calian Nuclear maintains a quality management system that is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard and is compliant with CSA N299.1-16, CSA N286-12 and CSA N286.7-16 standards.
Firefighters battling a large blaze at night.

Emergency response for environmental crises

Enhance community resilience in responding to disasters caused by natural events, such as fires, floods, storms or infrastructure failures. Calian’s emergency preparedness and training solutions ensure you are ready for environmental and other crises—from risk assessment and, training exercises to after‑action reviews.
Fingerprint icon on a digital circuit board representing biometric security technology.

Safeguarding resources from cyberattacks

Protect critical infrastructure from breaches by implementing robust cybersecurity measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems and regular security audits to reduce vulnerabilities. 

  • Developing and enforcing robust cybersecurity standards and guidelines, supported by regular training, penetration testing and drills tailored to the energy sector is vital for long-term resilience. 
  • Calian has deep expertise in cybersecurity solutions for public and commercial utilities and infrastructure. 
Case Study

Developing Comprehensive Plans

Calian worked with the village of Telkwa, British Columbia, to develop a guide with pre-planned routing and advance decisions to support residents during an evacuation. This helped the village meet its legal responsibilities to be prepared for potential emergencies or disasters. The plan was developed as a response to the province’s requirement to have its communities better prepared for wildfires, floods or a railway catastrophe.

Aerial view of a truss bridge over a muddy river with mountains in the background.

GNSS monitoring products

Calian is a leading manufacturer and provider of antennas for Earth observation and environmental monitoring.

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