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Calian provides the knowledge and tools you need to keep bad actors out and instantly respond to incidents. We offer a sophisticated and layered business approach looking at your organization as a whole, including your data centre, networks, end-points and employees. All these must work together for you to have a robust cybersecurity plan.

Assets and Vulnerability

When dealing with IT services, hardware, infrastructure or operating systems are at constant risk. At Calian, the focus is on keeping your assets safe and secure against cyber threats.

Risk & Maturity

Multi-layered security provides standardized criteria that help set a benchmark for a risk management strategy to assess potential risk and program maturity. With constant security threats, we measure your organization’s journey and work towards improvement and risk management.


We ensure you are prepared for anything that may come your way, with effective and proactive recovery planning. The foundation of this plan is a robust data backup and an appropriate solution that aligns well with your business needs.

Awareness Training

Enhance security across the board with proper training on the evaluation of technologies and the threats that come along with innovations. Calian can assist in educating your workforce about potential threats and vulnerabilities and executing the resolutions to ensure your company has a secure foundation.


Calian will examine your security controls by defining the existing security plan and upgrading it—reviewing compliance requirements to see how they stack up against any potential or hidden vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing

Don’t just assume your network is safe; see it for yourself. Penetration testing is an effective means of proactively finding and fixing holes in your cybersecurity defence. By simulating an attack, you can see exactly how your network and your team would hold up in a live-fire situation. We have 15 years of experience in this process.

Threat Prevention and Management

A threat prevention and management solution from Calian provides peace of mind.

  • Web security protection
  • Prevent downtime
  • CISCO email security
  • Firepower next-generation firewall
  • ISE network access control

Managed Cybersecurity

Calian keeps you one step ahead of security threats with 24x7x365 support, efficient security management and threat intelligence. Take a proactive approach and constantly monitor network behaviour with endpoint and network anomaly detection.

Consulting Services

Keep your organization safe, secure and successful by continually addressing increasing threats, monitoring infrastructure, and thwarting attacks.

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