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Keep your company and data safe from cyber threats. Collaborate with Calian to ensure proactive, round-the-clock protection and preparedness.

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Fortify your security with strategic cyber defence

Championing cyber resilience with expert-led security solutions 

By 2025, a lack of talent or human failure will be responsible for over half of significant cyber incidents. Navigating this intricate digital landscape requires more than just reactive measures—it demands strategic foresight and a robust defense orchestrated by seasoned experts. At Calian, we offer dynamic solutions to fortify your enterprise against threats and maintain operational integrity. 

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Calian IT and cyber insights

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3 min read

Navigating the Cloud: Strategies, Security and Generative AI in 2024

The world of cloud computing is evolving at a rapid pace, and as we approach 2024, Calian has identified five key trends emerging that promise to reshape the way organizations leverage cloud technologies.

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5 min read

Calian CARES: Gearing Up to Face the Future by Investing in Cybersecurity Research

Calian Partners with Dalhousie University to Study Cybersecurity and Privacy Threats Related to IoT Data Exhaust

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2 min read

Google Engages iSecurity, a Calian Company, to Conduct Assessments of Google Cloud

Privacy impact assessment and threat risk assessment help Google meet legal obligations and remain compliant with robust privacy legislation for healthcare.


Test your defences

Experience a realistic cyber-attack simulation with manageable elements, providing a safe yet authentic environment to evaluate your organization's response capabilities and security measures.

Command and control

Coordinate and manage security operations against complex cyber threats.

Advanced TTPs

Employ sophisticated Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures to counter evolving cyber risks.

Real-time indicators

Monitor immediate signals and alerts to identify potential security breaches.


Utilize robust encryption methods to secure sensitive data and communications.

Hyper-accurate detection

Implement precision detection tools for identifying subtle and advanced threats.

Threat intelligence

Gather and analyze data on emerging threats to stay ahead of potential cyber risks.

Data exfiltration

Detect and prevent unauthorized transfer of information from your systems.

Automated protection

Deploy automated defenses to respond to and neutralize cyber threats quickly.

Response remediation processes

Execute efficient and effective processes for addressing and resolving security incidents.

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Ensure readiness with a security assessment

It is always a good time to ensure your defences are secure. Schedule a practical cyberattack simulation to assess the security measures of your organization.

Transform your cyber defence operations

Wireless security vulnerability and pen testing

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Wireless vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

Calian assesses WLAN infrastructure, like routers and APs, through black box and grey box methods. Starting with black box to mimic external attacks, it transitions to grey box upon network access.

  • Techniques include rogue AP, WPS brute force and packet sniffing.
  • Focus on external threats and internal network vulnerabilities.
  • Transition from external to internal user perspective.
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Penetration testing and vulnerability analysis

During the penetration testing phase, the focus is on circumventing security controls and identifying sensitive access points. The vulnerability assessment phase shows network vulnerabilities and misconfigurations without router administration access.

  • Identifies methods like credential theft, router takeover, and DHCP attacks.
  • Remote testing via a device connected to Calian’s network.
  • Detailed reporting of findings with security enhancement recommendations.

Understanding the layers of the web

Surface web

The surface web consists of all the publicly accessible websites indexed by traditional search engines, easily accessible and visible to the general internet user.

Deep web

The deep web includes web pages not indexed by standard search engines, often requiring specific credentials for access, such as private databases, academic journals, and members-only websites.

Dark web

The dark web is a small, hidden section of the deep web, intentionally concealed and inaccessible through standard browsers, often associated with anonymous activities and requiring special software like Tor for access.

Our SIEM monitors all layers of potential threats 24/7/365

Understanding different types of threats

  • The risk of sensitive data leaks due to partner companies’ misconfigurations. 
  • Code containing private data like passwords and tokens, often found in open-source repositories. 
  • Internal documents, such as reports and invoices, at risk for unauthorized access through web security vulnerabilities. 
  • The use of a company’s brand by threat actors to spread malware or for illicit activities on the Dark Web. 
  • Impersonation or misuse of company profiles on social media for malicious activities. 
  • Compromised user credentials requiring immediate action for removal and protection of your environment. 
  • Company-owned items, like apps, illicitly copied or used for malicious purposes.
  • Internet-connected devices or software vulnerabilities that could be exploited by threat actors.
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Calian's global operations

With global security operations centres, Calian provides support around the clock, from day to night, enhancing security capabilities worldwide.

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Social responsibility at Calian

Committed to social responsibility.

ESG—more than a buzzword.

Our vision builds on our mission, values, historical commitment to social responsibility and key competencies. It provides a framework and focus for our activities and corporate communications related to ESG (Environmental Social Governance).

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Your service inspires us.

Proudly welcoming  100+ veterans to our team every year

Their expertise enriches our solutions, and hiring military spouses is our heartfelt way of giving back to the defence community. We’re committed to being there for you, in and out of uniform.

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A military man talking to a councellorVeteran and military spouse with two children

Relocating? We’ve got you covered.

4,000+ family members connected with family doctors

Our partnership with the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services ensures that military family members are connected with family doctors, hassle-free.

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Building a resilient community together.

$650,000+ in corporate giving

We are woven into our community’s fabric, our support extending to renowned organizations and causes. We’re not just about business; we are about building a supportive and resilient community together.

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Engaging in research that matters.

Our contributions to significant research projects and our focus on environmental safety are unwavering. We’re front-runners in compliance with environmental laws and continually innovate to lessen our ecological footprint.

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research technicians

Committed to exceeding expectations.

30+ Indigenous community engagements

With a published Indigenous engagement policy, Calian sets out the framework and guidelines for all Calian business activities while being wholly committed to meeting—even exceeding—the five per cent Indigenous participation requirement on all Federal contracts.

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