Protect your organization with comprehensive cybersecurity training and awareness

Prevent downtime

With training and awareness programs, employees will become more familiar with organizational policies, cybersecurity principles and business protection/restoration models to bolster compliance efforts.

Conduct phishing tests

By conducting mock drills, Calian boosts employees’ cybersecurity awareness in a controlled environment, applying the best security practices to combat security threats.

Purple team exercises

Purple team exercises blend traditional red and blue team skill sets to test an organization’s cybersecurity strength. In these exercises, the blue team is exposed to an attack as it occurs. Both blue and red teams work together on: 

  • Cyberthreat Intelligence 
  • Emulating adversaries 
  • Managed security services

These exercises include:

  • Executing local endpoint security checks on a client’s laptop. 
  • Using the VPN to connect to the client’s internal network to attempt lateral propagation. 
  • Executing local endpoint security checks on the client’s internal server.


Purple team exercises encourage open discussion of attack techniques and defense expectations, improving people, processes and technology.

Practice makes perfect with Cyber Range

Cyber Range is an experiential cybersecurity training platform that provides access to rich virtual environments and courses based on real-world attacks. Cybersecurity professionals and trainees can simulate, test and run cyberattack scenarios in a controlled setting. This virtual battleground enables them to practice defensive strategies, understand attacker tactics and stay ahead of the latest threats without risking real systems.

Modernize and secure your IT infrastructure

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