Cyber risk assessments and compliance

Secure your organization's future and strengthen your security posture to meet or exceed global standards.

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Ensuring continuity and building trust

Proactive assessments to boost compliance and lower risk

Safeguarding your enterprise’s assets and ensuring compliance is essential for business continuity. Navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape with a comprehensive threat and risk assessment (TRA) and enterprise risk and maturity assessment (ERA). 

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Tailored threat and risk assessment (TRA)

  • Vulnerability assessment: Identifies the weaknesses within your network architecture and cybersecurity practices.
  • Risk analysis: Highlights potential security risks based on current controls and governance.
  • Actionable solutions: Offers targeted remedies to reduce risk and enhance your security posture.
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Defence in depth

  • In-depth defense analysis: Evaluates your application’s security measures, focusing on a wide array of controls and security protocols.
  • Process integration review: Examines  gaps when implementing, improving and integrating processes.
  • Defence in depth assessment: Provides a detailed assessment to guide strategic decision-making.

Cybersecurity assessments

Using local or global cybersecurity frameworks and standards to assess your organization’s cyber controls and maturity.

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Enterprise risk assessment (ERA)

Conducting a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s  cybersecurity practices and controls and aligning them with leading frameworks like NIST and  ISO27001

Key outputs of the ERA include:

  • CMMI maturity score mapping
  • Identification of organizational security gaps
  • Propose a high-level transition plan with priorities to move from the current state to the“ideal” state
  • Provide a multi-year roadmap for the successful completion of projects
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Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing

Our award-winning testing involves an ethical hacker rigorously examining your systems to identify vulnerabilities by simulating a data breach.

  • Planning and reconnaissance: Define the test’s scope, target systems and methodologies.
  • Analysis: Document vulnerabilities, data access details and undetected presence time.
  • Scanning: Evaluate application behaviour during operation and examine live code.
  • Gaining access: Employ attacks like cross-site scripting and SQL injection to identify vulnerabilities.
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Technical assessments

Discover and resolve security weaknesses to reinforce your cybersecurity measures effectively.

  • Comprehensive Security Testing: Combines external and internal assessments with credential and workstation analysis to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities.
  • Security Gap Remediation: Focuses on pinpointing weaknesses across all network segments and enhancing defenses against potential breaches.
  • Strategic Risk Management: Employs practical tests to evaluate security strategies, driving informed decisions on improving cybersecurity measures.

Meet and exceed compliance standards

Calian goes beyond standard evaluations. We benchmark your security program against industry best practices and help you meet and exceed compliance regulations.


A U.S. agency that develops cybersecurity and other technologies standards.

ISO 27001

A global standard for managing information security.

IEC 62443

Provides cybersecurity guidelines for Industrial Control Systems.


A security standard for organizations storing, processing or transmitting credit card data.


An Ontario law protecting personal health information.


A Canadian law regulating personal information in the private sector.


A European regulation for data protection and privacy.


Supervises Canada's financial institutions and pension plans.


A standard to protect the North American electric grid from cyber and physical threats.

A methodology rooted in best practices

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Comprehensive security framework

Our approach follows industry-leading methodologies such as NIST 800‑30 for risk assessment and NIST 800‑53 for security control maturity. 

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Vulnerability management

Calian uses advanced vulnerability assessment technology, incorporating external attack surface management (EASM) and cybersecurity validation products. 

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Aligning with Gartner

Calian is aligned with Gartner’s recommendations for risk-based vulnerability management in order to achieve real-time visibility and comprehensive coverage of your assets.

Don’t leave your organization exposed to threats.

We move technology and security forward

Calian offers a range of customized solutions to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly and your organization safe from cyberattacks.

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Unlocking technology’s potential

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Social responsibility at Calian

Committed to social responsibility.

ESG—more than a buzzword.

Our vision builds on our mission, values, historical commitment to social responsibility and key competencies. It provides a framework and focus for our activities and corporate communications related to ESG (Environmental Social Governance).

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Your service inspires us.

Proudly welcoming  100+ veterans to our team every year

Their expertise enriches our solutions, and hiring military spouses is our heartfelt way of giving back to the defence community. We’re committed to being there for you, in and out of uniform.

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A military man talking to a councellorVeteran and military spouse with two children

Relocating? We’ve got you covered.

4,000+ family members connected with family doctors

Our partnership with the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services ensures that military family members are connected with family doctors, hassle-free.

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Building a resilient community together.

$650,000+ in corporate giving

We are woven into our community’s fabric, our support extending to renowned organizations and causes. We’re not just about business; we are about building a supportive and resilient community together.

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Engaging in research that matters.

Our contributions to significant research projects and our focus on environmental safety are unwavering. We’re front-runners in compliance with environmental laws and continually innovate to lessen our ecological footprint.

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Committed to exceeding expectations.

30+ Indigenous community engagements

With a published Indigenous engagement policy, Calian sets out the framework and guidelines for all Calian business activities while being wholly committed to meeting—even exceeding—the five per cent Indigenous participation requirement on all Federal contracts.

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Calian's global operations

With global security operations centres, Calian provides support around the clock, from day to night, enhancing security capabilities worldwide.

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