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Empower your team with immersive learning solutions that provide realistic and cost-effective training scenarios and enhance skill retention and job readiness in safe virtual environments.

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Immersive learning solutions

Discover learning solutions, where virtual and augmented reality deliver an interactive learning experience. Our solutions revolutionize learning across various domains, offering captivating experiences ranging from retail to education to hands-on training in skilled trades, enhancing the effectiveness of the learning process.

Skilled trades training

Master trade skills in immersive VR environments, tailored for practical application.

Science through VR

Experience science in a new dimension with our engaging VR exhibitions.

Museum VR journeys

Bring museum exhibits to life with interactive and immersive VR experiences.

AR in retail

Gain insights into consumer behavior with our advanced AR solutions for retail.

Military AR recruitment

Explore military life realistically with our intuitive AR recruitment tools.

AI learning feedback

Enhance training effectiveness with AI-based, detailed learning feedback.


Explore our defence training solutions.

Immersive learning reduces costs and increases engagement

Calian immersive learning solutions include virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. This video will walk you through three scenarios: a synthetic training environment, an immersive training project and educational entertainment scenario.

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Engage the world

Calian AR and VR solutions for education, awareness and engagement

Revolutionize marketing with augmented and virtual reality

Step into the future of retail and marketing with our AR and VR solutions. Elevate your product strategy and captivate customers with compelling immersive experiences, including our exhilarating Olympic bobsled VR simulation.

AI-enhanced learning by Calian

Experience personalized, effective training with AI-enabled learning solutions. Utilizing artificial intelligence, Calian offers precise, data-driven feedback to enhance learning experiences. AI-driven analysis pinpoints areas for improvement, delivering a more focused and impactful learning journey.

Innovative edutainment

Edutainment solutions blend learning with entertainment, enhancing engagement and retention. Using virtual reality in museums and military history education, Calian provides immersive experiences that make learning memorable and impactful. This approach turns educational journeys into enjoyable, interactive adventures.

Modernizing learning and training

We deliver learning solutions that meet the needs of any organization, helping you develop your team—from onboarding through to delivery.


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