Seamless, secure and trusted integrations

Healthcare system integration

Providing EMR, EHR and health data analytics integration and interoperability. We specialize in HL7 and FHIR integrations.

Globally trusted healthcare integrations

Data silos and fragmented systems create inefficient operations and make it difficult to scale healthcare programs across your network of providers. The Calian® Corolar™ integration platform as a service (iPaaS) enables healthcare interoperability, speeding the introduction of new services and maximizing investments in existing systems.

Control and ownership

Support vendor-specific health IT implementations and create workflows for your new and existing infrastructure.

Best-in-class partnerships

Proudly partnering with Microsoft Solutions to develop state-of-the-art systems.

Proven technology, available globally

Widely deployed in worldwide health organizations and other industries for more than 15 years.

Award-winning software

Corolar has been chosen for the Microsoft Canada Impact Award and Calian won the 2023 Global Microsoft Partner of the Year award.

Cloud-based identification

Resolve duplicate patient records and keep demographic information in sync across separate registration systems.

Rapid deployment

Use our clean and familiar UI to quickly define and set up integration interfaces with any EHR/EMR systems, leveraging a wide range of healthcare standards including HL7, FHIR, CDA and more.

Calian® Corolar™ Suite

Learn how the leading virtual and physical care solution is used by hospitals and health teams to provide a more connected experience for patients and providers.

Take control of your complex healthcare integrations.

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Calian® Corolar™ iPaaS

Healthcare integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for smarter and faster interoperability.

Cloud native MLLP connector for HL7

Calian Corolar iPaaS provides a platform for healthcare system integration and  interoperability that seamlessly and securely connects disparate data systems. Integrate with any EHR/EMR systems and improve the quality of care through patient engagement, care-team coordination and seamless interaction across the care continuum. 

As your team spends less time on administrative tasks, they can stay focused on providing patient-centred, high-quality care.

Key features 

  • Quickly view and manage interfaces using a browser-based dashboard
  • Support different data formats—HL7, XML, JSON, CDA, flat files
  • Connect over multiple transport protocols—MLLP, HTTP, FTP, Rest and FHIR
  • Terminology mapping—Solve communication challenges across systems with disparate messaging standards

Customer benefits

  • Minimize risk exposure and dependence on vendors and improve data security and sovereignty applications.
  • Retain the benefits of cloud-native architecture.
  • Unlock islands of aggregated data to accelerate modernization objectives and realize short-term goals.
  • Integrate clinical, operational and financial systems in healthcare provider and payer environments.
  • Reduce effort by 50 per cent when ingesting clinical and non-clinical healthcare data from on-premise systems to the Cloud. 

Solutions for every challenge

The Calian Corolar suite offers a host of solutions for your unique business needs.

  • Corolar Virtual Care—Easily access patient data within Microsoft Teams for better collaboration with care teams and better outcomes for patients.
  • Corolar Cloud—An award-winning interoperability platform that deploys to your public cloud instance, offering advanced integration features.
  • Remote patient monitoring—Reduce the number of re-admissions to hospitals as well as healthcare costs, and provide an enhanced patient experience

Data security and sovereignty

  • Manage your environment, applications and data and minimize risk exposure.
  • All the benefits of cloud infrastructure, with the security that comes with using your own cloud.
  • Control your data sovereignty according to your unique business needs and regional requirements.
  • You choose how and where your data is stored, how often it’s backed up and who has access.

Patients are at the heart of every Corolar solution

  • Specialists and non-specialists alike can easily manage integrations—which means more time spent on patient care and collaboration.
  • Create stronger engagement with patients through modernized, efficient services.
  • Maximize the success of your healthcare programs with data collection and analytics .

What to expect

Our expert team will guide you through your systems integration journey, step by step.

Get the most out of the full Calian® Corolar™ suite

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