Government and public service

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Calian provides a range of solutions to help government and public service clients achieve better productivity, health, security and business outcomes.

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IT staff augmentation

Calian is a pre-qualified vendor to the Canadian government. We provide IT staffing for federal and provincial government departments, education, municipalities, financial organizations, public utilities and more, using government contracting vehicles to meet the needs of government departments and agencies.  

Our existing federal government supply arrangements include TBIPS, TSPS, THS and ProServices. Calian is currently cleared to Cosmic Top Secret with document safeguarding at the NATO Secret Level issued by the Contract Security Program (CSP) of PSPC. 

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Emergency response and resilience

Responding to disasters caused by natural events, such as fires, floods or storms, infrastructure failures or terrorism, is highly complex. Improve your emergency preparedness through risk assessments, training exercises and after‑action reviews. 

We work with municipalities, communities and infrastructure owners and operators to develop emergency response plans based on their risks. Emergency response plans serve as the essential baseline for rehearsals, exercises and for priority investment. 

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Environmental protection

Calian’s nuclear division conducts modelling and assessments of radiological impact of nuclear facilities and activities on the environment. 

We provide support to the nuclear industry, government and defense organizations for the development, implementation and certification of radiation protection and dosimetry programs. 

We are committed to the safe management of radiological waste and decommissioning of nuclear facilities to ensure the protection of the public and the environment. 

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