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Nuclear & Environmental Services

SMRs: Perceptions and Misconceptions Threaten a Nuclear Renaissance

Small Modular Reactors hold the promise of being a 21st-century miracle of electric power production—a source of safe, clean, abundant, economical, reliable and carbon-neutral electricity.
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Nuclear & Environmental Services

The Key to the Nuclear Waste Storage Challenge

Nuclear waste can be highly toxic and last generations. This is not disputed. But nuclear waste management has come a long way since the mid-20th Century, and today is serviced with effective, evidence-based solutions. The challenge is not so much one...
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Nuclear & Environmental Services

Small Modular Reactors: Addressing 3 Key Obstacles to Commercialization

Small modular reactors (SMRs) hold tremendous potential as a source of nuclear energy power generation that is inexpensive, safe and readily deployed.
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Nuclear & Environmental Services

SMRs: Potential Game-Changer for Cost-Benefit Conversation on Energy Intensive Projects

This installment will focus on one aspect of building the SMR business case: the potential for SMRs to reduce emissions for large, energy intensive projects including oil and gas production.
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Environmental Protection

Calian Nuclear has significant expertise in modelling and assessing the radiological impact of nuclear facilities and activities on the environment. Calian Nuclear has performed several full-scope environmental impact assessments for existing nuclear facilities, new facilities on existing sites, changes in plant configuration, waste management programs and licensing renewals.

Radiation Protection

Calian Nuclear provides support to the nuclear industry, government and defense organizations for the development, implementation and certification of radiation protection and dosimetry programs. Our team has extensive experience in designing radiation shielding and evaluating its effectiveness for all forms of ionizing radiation (i.e., alpha, beta, gamma and neutrons).

Decommissioning and Waste Management

We have expertise in planning, performing, and evaluating the results of final status and characterization surveys in accordance with industry best practices (MARSSIM, MARSAME, CSA, EPRI) including:

  • Development of conceptual, preliminary, and detailed decommissioning plans
  • Historical site assessments and walk-downs to support scoping, waste stream definition, and health and safety planning
  • Planning, execution and interpretation of scoping, characterization and final status surveys
  • Support for decommissioning activities

We also provide the scientific background to support clients with their licensing submissions to regulatory agencies and the technical skills to analyse survey data to provide hard evidence that clearance levels or waste acceptance criteria have been achieved.

Regulatory Affairs and Licensing

Calian Nuclear has extensive knowledge of nuclear regulatory requirements and standards, as well as comprehensive experience in supporting regulatory activities both in Canada and internationally, including the interpretation of regulatory requirements, development of a licensing strategy and providing support throughout its execution, as well as documenting a licensing basis in a safety case or a safety report.

Emergency Preparedness and Training

Calian Nuclear is a leader in the provision of nuclear emergency response (NER) training and exercises. Calian Nuclear offers a full lifecycle approach to the conduct of drills and exercises, on both national and international platforms, by supporting the design, development, facilitation and evaluation of these exercises. Calian Nuclear also delivers comprehensive NER and nuclear power plant operations training courses.

Decommissioning and Waste Management Services Brochure

Calian Nuclear is committed to the safe management of radiological waste and decommissioning of nuclear facilities to ensure the protection of the public and our environment.

Decommissioning and Waste Management Services Brochure


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Our success is rooted in our people.

Meet our experts

Francois Lemay

Nuclear & Environmental Services

Dr. Lemay is the Chief Nuclear Engineer at Calian Nuclear, a division dedicated to nuclear and radiation safety. He has 33 years of experience in the nuclear industry.

Dr. Lemay is currently engaged in the selection process for Small Modular Reactors that will be deployed in Canada. He is assisting nuclear facilities in the technological evaluation process, the environmental impact assessment, site selection process, and the licensing for the construction and operation of the new reactors.

Dr. Lemay is an expert in radiological and nuclear emergency preparedness and response. Dr. Lemay has prepared, conducted, and evaluated several national nuclear emergency response exercises for nuclear power plants in Canada, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the Netherlands. As an internationally recognized expert in nuclear emergency preparedness and response, he participated in nine Operational Safety Assessment Review Team (OSART) missions for the IAEA.

Dr. Lemay provides expertise in radioprotection and safety analysis to Canadian nuclear plants. Dr. Lemay has published scientific articles in the Health Physics Journal, and Radiation Protection and Dosimetry.

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Hani Al Anid

Nuclear & Environmental Services

Dr. Al Anid is the Senior Director of the Nuclear & Environment division at Calian. He completed his Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering at the Royal Military College of Canada, and his Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University. In his role, he is responsible for the strategic vision and growth within Calian Nuclear’s core areas of expertise: nuclear safety analysis, environmental protection, decommissioning and waste management, and emergency preparedness.

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Chris Bellman

Nuclear & Environmental Services

Chris is a manager at Calian Nuclear with over 12 years of experience in project management, health physics and nuclear safety analysis. Chris has achieved a Masters (MASc) in nuclear engineering with a focus on health physics. He has performed safety analyses to support licensing activities for used nuclear fuel handling and dry storage facilities, transportation of used nuclear fuels in a Type B package, and the use of radioactive materials for research practices.

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Richard Moffett

Nuclear & Environmental Services

Richard is a senior project manager with over 30 years of experience in the nuclear industry. He is a recognized industry leader with strong background in safety analyses, licensing, design assist analyses, field services, and project management, as well as good knowledge of engineering codes and standards, Canadian standards, and CNSC regulations.

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