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Enterprise IT

Calian partners with Cisco, Dell and other industry-leading organizations to deliver the best of both worlds—hybrid as well as private cloud computing. We offer modern data centres for fast services with multiple features, high performance and availability.

Hybrid and Private Cloud

Not all information belongs in the cloud. Calian hybrid and private cloud solutions offer the best of both worlds with one-stop hybrid as well as private cloud computing. Share your cloud computing across organizations, within your own infrastructure, or at both public and private levels at the same time.

Public Cloud

Experience the freedom of the private cloud with Calian offering and running the services via the public internet. Unlike the private cloud, public infrastructure allows access to unlimited computer resources and there is practically no downtime.

Digital Infrastructure & Networking

Create a backbone that connects computers and devices across departments and workgroup networks to facilitate insight and data accessibility.


SD-WAN & SASE is an effective response to the increasing IT challenges cloud-based storage and applications present. It offers numerous benefits to employees, customers, IT staff and C-suite executives from any sector.

Integration Services

From planning to implementing, we can handle your organization’s data and server integration needs. Our integration team supports our engineering team to make sure you get the gear that you need, set up the right way. We use a methodical approach to fulfillment, allowing us to accommodate multiple locations and teams of up to 500 members.

Innovative Solutions

Get a glimpse of what our brainware has been working on with eEmerging technologies delivered by industry experts and simplified to make them work for you. Technology changes at a rapid pace, and we’re here to help your business keep up.

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