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Patient support program design & delivery

Calian is a leading provider of patient support programs. Supporting patients through their treatment journeys with personalized and high-quality care

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Patient support program solutions

Calian provides personalized patient support programs (PSPs) that foster meaningful connections among patients, physicians and the healthcare industry as a whole, replacing administrative tasks with digital automation so we can spend more time meaningfully interacting with patients. Digital automation allows us to lower costs and eliminates errors, giving you a competitive advantage.

Market access solutions

Advocating for accessible and affordable healthcare solutions for every patient.

Real-world evidence

Real-world clinical data gathered, analyzed and applied to customize care plans and improve patient outcomes.


Patients can select their preferred pharmacy, promoting patient choice, accessibility and boosting adherence.

Financial assistance

Guiding patients and providers as they navigate complex reimbursement landscape.

Adherence and education

Technology-enable programs to help patients comply with their prescribed treatment plan.


Systematic collection, assessment and submission of adverse events associated with pharmaceutical products to ensure the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products.

Digital Solutions

Modularized digital solutions to support your PSP needs, from patient apps, virtual care solutions, interoperability and full patient CRM solutions.

Unlocking the best patient experience

Our dedicated team designs and implements customized PSPs that connect patients, healthcare professionals and pharmacies using a targeted approach to exceed industry benchmarks while delivering a higher-quality patient and physician experience.

Complex reimbursement processes made simple

Our team of experts will handle the paperwork so that your patients can get back to focusing on their health and wellness. Our services include:

  • Insurance verification – Helping patients understand their coverage and out-of-pocket costs.
  • Prior authorization support – Our team will submit all necessary paperwork and follow ups.
  • Appeals support –  If a claim is denied, we will work with all parties to determine the reason for the denial and develop an appeal strategy.
  • Patient assistance programs – Assistance for patients who do not have insurance or who cannot afford their out-of-pocket costs.
  • Billing and coding support – Our team provides support in billing and coding for medications.

Helping patients remain in control of their treatment

Through expert guidance, education and accountability, our adherence programs help patients comply with their prescribed treatment schedule. Our services include:

  • Dedicated care coordinators to facilitate prescriptions, refills and reimbursement support services
  • Phone, email and SMS reminders for physician visits, medication refills, dosing schedules and educational support
  • Technology-enabled solutions that leverage AI & ML to drive social innovation, ultimately improving adherence and patient outcomes.

Experts dedicated to providing comprehensive support

Our team of experienced nurses is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to patients prescribed a specialty medication, making the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Our nursing services include:

  • Treatment education
  • Injection training
  • Injections and infusion
  • Side effect management
  • Side-effect management
  • Adherence support
  • Virtual care and remote monitoring
  • Ongoing support

Custom-designed real-world evidence data collection

Real-world evidence (RWE) refers to clinical data gathered from the practical use of pharmaceutical products in real-world settings, beyond the confines of controlled clinical trials. When included in our patient support programs, the collection and analysis of this data can:

  • Improve the quality and delivery of medical care
  • Reduce overall costs and improve outcomes
  • Fill the knowledge gap between clinical trials and clinical practice

Calian® Nexi™

PSP and workflow automation 

Nexi, our proprietary PSP workflow-automation software, plays a pivotal role in supporting patient support programs. With Nexi, we ensure stringent quality control, achieve notable cost efficiencies, and facilitate a greater volume of high-quality patient interactions.  

Why choose Calian for your patient support program?

Pharmacy-inclusive models

Our patient support program offers pharmacy-inclusive models, allowing patients to choose their preferred pharmacy for convenience and flexibility in accessing medications. This patient-centric approach improves the overall experience and boosts treatment plan adherence.

Technology-enabled PSPs

We use technology to streamline patient support program administration, freeing up healthcare professionals for more meaningful patient engagement. This boosts program efficiency and improves patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Data utilization and patient registries

Our distinctive approach involves data and patient registries to gather real-world insights into patient behaviours, treatment outcomes and program effectiveness, driving continuous improvement and personalized support for superior outcomes.

Patient-centric models

Our patient support program prioritizes a patient-centric approach, tailoring support services to individual needs and preferences. This focus enhances engagement, treatment plan adherence and overall health outcomes.

Collaboration with CRO business

What sets us apart is our integration with our contract research organization (CRO) business throughout the product lifecycle. This alignment maximizes the impact of patient support programs, contributing to product success and positive patient outcomes.

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Social responsibility at Calian

Committed to social responsibility.

ESG—more than a buzzword.

Our vision builds on our mission, values, historical commitment to social responsibility and key competencies. It provides a framework and focus for our activities and corporate communications related to ESG (Environmental Social Governance).

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Your service inspires us.

Proudly welcoming  100+ veterans to our team every year

Their expertise enriches our solutions, and hiring military spouses is our heartfelt way of giving back to the defence community. We’re committed to being there for you, in and out of uniform.

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Relocating? We’ve got you covered.

4,000+ family members connected with family doctors

Our partnership with the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services ensures that military family members are connected with family doctors, hassle-free.

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$650,000+ in corporate giving

We are woven into our community’s fabric, our support extending to renowned organizations and causes. We’re not just about business; we are about building a supportive and resilient community together.

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Engaging in research that matters.

Our contributions to significant research projects and our focus on environmental safety are unwavering. We’re front-runners in compliance with environmental laws and continually innovate to lessen our ecological footprint.

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Committed to exceeding expectations.

30+ Indigenous community engagements

With a published Indigenous engagement policy, Calian sets out the framework and guidelines for all Calian business activities while being wholly committed to meeting—even exceeding—the five per cent Indigenous participation requirement on all Federal contracts.

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