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Calian empowers agricultural innovation

At Calian Agriculture, we are in the business of helping solve the complex problems agricultural producers face with innovative solutions that range from fuel and grain monitoring to precision agriculture, managed IT and cybersecurity.

Grain storage monitoring system with a mobile app, web dashboard, and a sensor device installed on a grain bin.

Keep your grain protected with Bin-Sense®

Whether your grain bins are steps from your front door, or thousands of miles away, Bin-Sense keeps you connected to your grain conditions. The easy-to-use monitoring system keeps costs low and yields high, taking one less operational worry off your mind.

Case Study

Long-distance grain rescue

Learn how Bin-Sense® communication technology helped one farming family save 5,000 bu of canola—and their vacation.

Close-up of antenna and sensor equipment mounted on a metal rooftop under a sunny blue sky.
I look at grain monitoring as a solid return on investment." – Blake Bergen, SK
A fuel management system with a mobile app interface and a desktop dashboard displaying data analytics.

Monitor and protect your fuel supply with Fuel Lock™

Secure the fuel in your tanks and get the data you need to manage and track consumption. With individual PIN code access and an automatic locking timer, your fuel is safe from theft. Fuel Lock allows you to monitor who is accessing your fuel and when and provides 24/7 access to your data from anywhere. 

Case Study

Fuel Lock™ delivers quick ROI

Learn how the Fuel Lock system introduced conveniences to JJ Trucking’s operations—from record keeping to purchasing—and helped JJ Trucking save money.

Close-up of a Fuel Lock control panel with a keypad and display screen, installed outdoors in front of two large fuel storage tanks labeled "Gasoline" and "Diesel".
The savings paid for Fuel Lock very quickly.” – Lorne Neuls
Satellite atennas.

Improve yields and lower environmental impact

Calian’s precision agriculture solutions use advanced GNSS receivers to enable the high accuracy that farm applications require. These high-performance antennas help farms to improve crop yields and profits while reducing the application of fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides—and the effect on the environment.
Big data with encrypted computer code.

Cutting-edge IT and cybersecurity solutions to keep your agricultural business safe

Calian offers a range of customized IT and cybersecurity solutions to keep your network infrastructure running smoothly and your organization safe from cyberattacks. We partner with Cisco, Dell and other industry-leading organizations to deliver hybrid and private cloud computing that ensure high performance and availability. We have the expertise and tools to keep your digital assets safe from cyber threats. 

  •  Cybersecurity awareness training
  • Penetration testing
  • Risk assessments
  • Threat prevention and management
  • Managed services
  • Consulting services

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