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Threat Risk Assessments

Calian conducts harmonized threat risk assessments (HTRA) to expose gaps in your security. This includes identifying physical and electronic emissions and defining assets, risks and vulnerabilities. The results of a comprehensive HRTA are outlined in a report that displays the weighted value of your assets versus your risks and vulnerabilities.

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RF Vulnerability Assessment

An RF vulnerability assessment is part of the threat risk assessment and determines the zoning levels of government and commercial buildings. This includes a series of tests to evaluate the level of RF emissions emanating from the building structure, independent of any assets inside the building.

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Calian training services include emission security technological training and awareness training for government leaders, executives, security staff and other stakeholders.

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Custom Engineering Product Design 

Calian designs customized security products and can also modify off-the-shelf equipment to meet custom emission security requirements. 

TEMPEST Testing and Certification

Calian conducts testing and certification of off-the-shelf equipment as well as government-furnished equipment to meet government TEMPEST standards.

Calian Products 

TEMPEST-certified equipment is a critical component of an effective RF emission security program. The Calian portfolio of TEMPEST products includes:

  • TEMPEST-certified workstations
  • TEMPEST-certified networking products (routers, switches, etc.)
  • TEMPEST-certified printers/scanners
  • TEMPEST-certified rugged and non-rugged laptops
  • TEMPEST-certified rugged and non-rugged tablets 
  • RF lockBox  
  • FASTBREAK—TEMPEST test and analysis software   

Calian has partnered with some of the world’s best manufacturers of TEMPEST and RF emission security products.

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Aerospace & Defence

Calian delivers a wide range of services and solutions to the aerospace and defence industry: training, engineering, professional services, cyber, satellite comms, manufacturing .

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Public Safety & Security

Calian offers a wide range of services to the public safety industry from emergency management, to cybersecurity to health services.

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