Engineering solutions & services for the defence industry

Take your defence projects and applications to the next level with expert engineering services and solutions.

Precision solutions for your design challenges

Enhance your defence project at every stage

From design and concept development to mid-life retrofit, in-service support, supply chain management and beyond, Calian’s expert engineers will ensure your defence project achieves your goals.

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Tailored engineering solutions for every stage of your defence project

Engineers working in a lab, sitting side by side, completely absorbed in their work.
A scientist wearing a blue lab coat conducting experiments in a lab.

Research and development services

Enhance your project from start to finish with state-of-the-art production and test equipment, expert research and a cutting-edge team. 

Delve into research on cutting-edge command and control, future systems concepts, evolved security protocols, and protection of personnel, assets and data networks.

A sizeable composite antenna inside a warehouse.
Two antennas on a military test site pointed upward toward the sky.

Execution of the systems engineering process

Achieve your objectives at every stage of your defence project’s lifecycle, from design, to execution and beyond.  Our team, composed of seasoned engineers with specialized expertise, will employ their extensive knowledge and advanced technical skills to ensure that every aspect of your defence project aligns with your strategic objectives, stays on course and meets the highest standards of quality. 

Integration design solutions

Benefit from integration approaches for products and systems that address your most complex challenges. This isn’t just about requirements—it’s about shaping the solution. Our approach involves understanding your needs, identifying the underlying challenges and  applying design principles to develop bespoke solutions. 

Silhouette of soldier are using drone and laptop computer for scouting during military operation.

Embedded design solutions

Our integration design team develops custom products and systems for defence applications where off-the-shelf solutions do not exist. Our vast experience ensures you will receive the solution to meet your needs.

Operational management and lifecycle support services

Get the right lifecycle support solution for your needs—PMP-qualified project managers, lifecycle managers, fleet-wide management services and specialized custom engineering experts.

Soldier using a VR headset to navigate a digital world.

Modelling and simulation-enabled design

Designing modern systems is a challenging task, no matter the mission. Leverage advanced modelling and simulation technologies to inform the design of your critical systems.

Automatic identification technology

Optimize accountability and track materiel critical to your defence operations through the Data Remediation and Marking of Serially Managed Materiel (DRM-SM) project .

A satellite dish on top of a building.

Modernize your defence operations


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We move the world forward

We create, develop and manufacture innovative products, solutions and technologies to solve the worlds most complex challenges.


Social responsibility at Calian

Committed to social responsibility.

ESG—more than a buzzword.

Our vision builds on our mission, values, historical commitment to social responsibility and key competencies. It provides a framework and focus for our activities and corporate communications related to ESG (Environmental Social Governance).

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Your service inspires us.

Proudly welcoming  100+ veterans to our team every year

Their expertise enriches our solutions, and hiring military spouses is our heartfelt way of giving back to the defence community. We’re committed to being there for you, in and out of uniform.

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Relocating? We’ve got you covered.

3,700+ family members connected with family doctors

Our partnership with the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services ensures that military family members are connected with family doctors, hassle-free.

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A doctor sitting down at a table, having a friendly conversation with a patient.

Building a resilient defence community together.

$650,000+ in corporate giving

We are woven into the military community’s fabric, our support extending to renowned organizations and causes. We’re not just about business; we are about building a supportive and resilient defence community together.

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Engaging in research that matters.

Our contributions to significant research projects and our focus on environmental safety are unwavering. We’re front-runners in compliance with environmental laws and continually innovate to lessen our ecological footprint.

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Engineers working in a lab, sitting side by side, completely absorbed in their work.

Committed to exceeding expectations.

30+ Indigenous community engagements

With a published Indigenous engagement policy, Calian sets out the framework and guidelines for all Calian business activities while being wholly committed to meeting—even exceeding—the five per cent Indigenous participation requirement on all federal contracts.

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Global innovation for connected, safe & healthy lives

Explore Calian's four business units below.

Advanced Technologies

Stay innovative and future-ready with adaptive technological strategies.

IT & Cyber Solutions

Guard your digital assets with state-of-the-art security solutions.


Navigate healthcare with solutions that prioritize your community's well-being.


Empower your team to achieve with targeted training solutions.