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Everything-as-a-service (XaaS) includes tools, applications, products and technologies that allow the flexibility for you to run your business anywhere. The global XaaS market is transforming the way businesses operate today. Improve your expense model, speed up your business processes and shift IT resources to higher-value projects with XaaS.


Calian keeps you one step ahead of security threats with 24x7x365 timely support, efficient security management, and threat intelligence. Take a proactive approach and constantly monitor network behaviour with endpoint and network anomaly detection. With some of the leading cybersecurity partners, such as Meraki, Cisco and Okta, Calian keeps your data, people and business safe from cyber attacks.


An all-in-one business communications solution from Calian improves workplace communication, efficiency and productivity through team collaboration and connection. Calian communication solutions include a "dial by name" directory, direct inward dial phone numbers, and patent-pending technology.

Live Support+

Live support available 24x7 ensures the best customer service experience via web chat, video, screen sharing and more. The Calian cloud-based platform and seamless transition from chat to call allow businesses to communicate with their customers effectively and seamlessly.


Calian provides increased network reliability, enhanced performance and agility with worldwide headquarters, dynamic path selection and traffic control, as well as a powerful single pane of glass approach to your security. With expert partners, such as Juniper, AT&T and Comcast, Calian provides a state-of-the-art network for customers 24x7x365.


Grow your business with productivity tools, such as Microsoft Office applications—Word, Excel and PowerPoint—that will sort your incoming and outgoing information. Calian provides 24x7x365 data centres to help you with industry-leading management and monitoring tools for the setup.


Calian supports small, medium and large businesses with monitoring and management of on-premise and data centre networking and server infrastructure. The Calian team restores services, verifies your alerts to remove false positives, and establishes the operational parameters of your organization’s network infrastructure.


Keep your network fully secure by scanning your device for issue resolution and patches deployment. With Dell, HP, Apple, Microsoft and Lenovo as partners, Calian sets up your new end-users or removes employees as they leave your organization, providing the best experience for every stakeholder through management and support of hardware and software.

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