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Our learning programs cover the full development spectrum for your personnel, from onboarding to developing advanced skills. We work with you to create curriculum tailored to meet your organization’s needs for new hires and for upskilling existing staff.

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Instructor-led learning at Calian

Discover the advantages of instructor-led courses, customized to fit your unique curriculum. Engage with our experts to craft a personalized and enriching instructor-led learning journey that aligns with your company's goals and aspirations.

Expert guidance

Immerse your team in real-time engagement with our expert instructors.

Instant clarification

Get the most out of your training through efficient, seamless interactions.

Structured learning

Your curriculum will be optimized to provide a thorough, structured learning experience.

Personalized feedback

Ensure each member of your team gets the feedback they need to develop skills and knowledge.

Collaborative learning

Our expert facilitators provide indispensable opportunities for building team connections.


Allow your team to take ownership of their training journey and feel motivated to learn.

Tailored instruction

Engage in a curriculum designed for your team's unique strengths and challenges.

Hands-on practice

Our instructors provide hands-on experience opportunities for unparalleled learning.

Live demonstrations

Access live demonstrations provided by our accredited team of subject matter experts.

Explore delivering learning through immersive technologies.

Our experts will guide you to the right solution, from corporate training, to military operation simulations.

Custom designed programs

We design instructor-led learning programs for complex subject matter where the expertise and experience of the instructor provides added value for your staff as part of learning.

Your curriculum is developed in a clear, structured way to allow students to follow along. Visual aids and interactive materials are integrated throughout the curriculum to provide an easy-to-understand experience.

Facilitating roundtables

Our experienced facilitators raise issues and ask the tough questions to give your team the most value from the roundtable experience. By facilitating discussion, participants learn from their peers about the priorities, perspectives and approaches of different organizations. This cooperative learning approach builds knowledge and trust across organizations

By addressing potential challenges in a low-stress environment, our facilitators enable your team to prepare for any challenge.

Looking for a different teaching approach?

Immersive learning

Integrate the latest immersive technologies into your training program.

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Blended learning

Develop a balanced training approach combining in-person and virtual training programs.

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Corporate training

Leverage Calian training expertise to boost your team's success.

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Not sure where to start?

We work with you to identify your organization’s learning needs and provide options to prioritize investment in your people.

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Modernizing learning and training

We deliver learning solutions that meet the needs of any organization, helping you develop your team—from onboarding through to delivery.


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