Blended learning solutions

Our blended learning solutions start with a design concept to meet your needs. We then integrate the right learning approaches and modalities to deliver a blended learning program. This can include a combination of:

Live instructor-led (ILT)

Courses led by subject matter experts who can instantly address student questions and concerns.

Virtual instructor-led (VILT)

Courses that combine the dedicated attention of an instructor, with the convenience of virtual learning.


Custom-designed eLearning courses provide your team with a flexible and efficient learning experience.

Micro learning

Our experts design compact, digestible courses to mitigate trainee fatigue.

Immersive, mixed reality solutions

Sharpen your team's skills in realistic, virtual job site simulations for practical, hands-on training.


Blending classroom and digital learning

Blended learning seamlessly integrates the interpersonal aspects of in-person classroom sessions with the adaptability of virtual webinars. This method merges the advantages of face-to-face interaction with the expanded accessibility provided by digital platforms such as Zoom or Google Classroom.  

Empowering with eLearning

Self-paced eLearning elements, such as online courses and modules, empower learners to study at their convenience, enabling learning from any location and at any time. These self-directed resources, including quizzes and on-demand videos, complement instructor-led training by allowing learners to absorb information at their own pace and revisit material as needed.

Maximizing benefits with blended approaches

Blended learning supports diverse learning styles, increases knowledge retention and reduces the costs and time associated with travel for face-to-face sessions. With tools to track and assess learner progress, it offers a comprehensive, adaptable and learner-centred educational experience.

Modernizing learning and training

We deliver learning solutions that meet the needs of any organization, helping you develop your team—from onboarding through to delivery.


Improve your learning outcomes

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