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Since its inception, one of Calian’s largest Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)—Women of Calian, and Supporters—has been at the forefront of raising awareness about gender-related issues and advocating for greater female representation across our organization. It provides women, and their allies, an opportunity to connect and support one another and thrive in a professional environment, where it is a safe space to be their authentic self.

Learn more from co-chairs Roxanne Woolley and Soumya Iyer on the ERG's reach and importance:

Women of Calian, and Supporters

“The Women of Calian, and Supporters ERG plays a crucial role in promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) in the workplace by offering a space where Women and their Supporters are able to share and discuss experiences, challenges and successes,” says Roxanne Woolley.

Soumya Iyer adds “As a group of over 100 members strong, we have been able to raise awareness about gender-related issues and advocate for greater representation of women at all levels of the organization by engaging in interactive conversations with the C-Suite to find ways to break down barriers that might prevent women from reaching their full potential in the workplace. These shared perspectives are integrated into the decision-making processes that directly lead to more innovative and effective business solutions.”

Roxanne Woolley continues, “Being active participants and leaders has empowered us to access the fullest extent of our potential in the workplace. Furthermore, playing an instrumental role in forging meaningful connections and cultivating trust with colleagues across the entire organization.”

Building bridges through employee resource groups (ERGs)

ERGs serve as dynamic platforms for collaboration, education and advocacy. They are a backbone for fostering diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging within Calian, empowering employees from diverse backgrounds to harness unique perspectives and create an environment where everyone can excel.

Calian’s ERGs and broader DEIB program help demonstrate our commitment to the Calian ESG vision: Collaboration to Advance Resilience Excellence and Sustainability—Calian CARES™