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Calian CARES™: Military Family Doctor Network (MFDN)

Linking over 3,000 military family members to primary care physicians across Canada.
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Psychological Services

Psychological testing for police candidates: The bar is high, for good reason

We expect a lot from police officers. We invest them with authority and issue firearms to them. We ask them to adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, forbearance and good judgement in situations most of us cannot imagine. It...
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Healing for the Healers: Mental Health Needs for Health Care Workers After COVID-19

Healing for the Healers: Mental Health Needs for Health Care Workers After COVID-19
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Clinician Services

A Fit Prescription: Exercise Programs and Mental Health

The Total Health and Wellness Strategy released in 2017 by the Department of National Defence remains the most ambitious and important program to date aimed at improving the health of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members.
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Case Study: Optimizing Police and Healthcare Resources with On-Site Medical Services

Calian worked with a large municipal law enforcement agency to increase public safety through excellence in the prevention, intervention and suppression of crime and disorder.

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Healthcare Management

Calian employs healthcare providers in various stages of their careers, maintaining contractual commitments to our customers while supporting our medical community so that customers can benefit from healthcare solutions and focus on their core business. An exclusive health services project management office exists within Calian to ensure exemplary program delivery.

Recruitment and Retention

Calian has an exceptional recruitment team dedicated to hiring qualified healthcare providers, with an exemplary history of identifying qualified and experienced teams to meet our customers' healthcare needs. We not only find the right clinician for each job, we ensure that we find the right job for each clinician.

Calian recruiters understand that customer environments vary and that in order to ensure that clinicians remain satisfied and productive over the life of a contract, customer environment and culture must always be factors in the selection process. With accreditation and credential management, both during the recruitment period and over the life of the contract, Calian employs proven processes to ensure all clinicians have and maintain all required healthcare qualifications. The required qualifications and licenses are tracked to ensure that our workforce is in good standing with their applicable licensing bodies.

Healthcare Personnel Placement Services

Calian provides highly skilled and dependable healthcare professionals to meet the short- and medium-term workforce augmentation needs of hospitals, long-term care facilities, retirement residences and other assisted living facilities. Our bilingual services are delivered by compassionate and attentive professionals in accordance with the surroundings and lifestyles of each client.

Clinic Services

Calian offers customers the assurance of a health services partner that is well connected, collaborative, committed to customer service and flexible to their changing needs. Calian is the largest medical clinic program delivery partner in Canada. Our healthcare solutions for family practices and walk-in clinics currently support more than six million patient visits each year.

Through our Primacy brand, Calian establishes and manages a growing network of more than 150 medical clinics at Loblaw (e.g., Real Canadian Superstore, Atlantic Superstores, Fortinos, Zehrs, and Your Independent Grocer) store locations across Canada. More than 650 family practice physicians use Primacy clinics as their main practice locations. Selecting Calian as their service delivery partner gives our clients access to the services of a multimillion-dollar company with the financial strength, management and recruiting capabilities to provide clinician services to diverse locations.

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Dental Services

Calian and its team of dentists, denturists, dental assistants and hygienists bring a high level of commitment and years of experience to our clients' dental service requirements, offering a broad range of comprehensive dentistry services. Calian delivers a quality experience to their dental customers through highly skilled and experienced practitioners who can provide customized treatment plans.

Part of our commitment to serving our clients includes providing information to help them make more informed dental program decisions. We do this by carrying out our services with dental teams who pride themselves on staying abreast of the latest techniques and best practices.

Calian Cares™: Military Family Doctor Network

Since 2016, Calian Health, in partnership with Military Family Services (MFS), has helped connect more than 4,000 military family members with primary care physicians through our flagship corporate social responsibility program, the Military Family Doctor Network (MFDN). The goal of the program is to improve access to high-quality healthcare for families of serving Canadian Armed Forces members by expediting the process of obtaining a physician and reducing the number of military spouses and children without a family physician.

The program is provided at no cost to families of the Canadian Armed Forces and is now available in Calgary, Comox, Edmonton, Esquimalt, Gagetown, Halifax, Kingston, London and Southwestern Ontario, Mainland BC, Moose Jaw, St. John’s, Toronto, Trenton and Winnipeg. A number of family physicians at Primacy clinics located in Loblaw stores across these communities are participating in the MFDN program. Calian staff also appeal to family physicians who are not practising at Primacy clinics to extend their practices to military family members. Locations will be added regularly, so be sure to check back for a location near you.

Did you know?

  • There are 40,000 families of full-time Regular Force Canadian Armed Forces personnel.
  • Canadian military families do not receive care through the military but access care through provincial healthcare programs.
  • Military families face unique circumstances: frequent relocations, regular family absences due to training and/or deployment, and the increased risk for operational injury, illness, or death of the military family member.

Our success is rooted in our people.

Meet our experts

Nancy Clune Lefler

Clinician Services

Nancy helps the world lead healthy lives and stay safe. She is a leader on the Calian health team who is focused on driving positive outcomes for customers, health care providers and their clients. Fostering communication and collaboration, she plays a key role in the management of more than 1,800 health care professionals and works with a dedicated team of Calian professionals to provide optimal mental and physical health care results for public and private sector customers, including DND. Nancy and the Calian Health team contribute to the operational readiness of the CAF by providing health support services on all 32 DND sites across Canada.

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Wes Karges

Clinician Services

Wes is an experienced healthcare Account Executive with a passion for delivering solutions that provide real client value. Wes has over 5 years of experience in operations, sales and relationship building with customers in both private and public sectors.

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Alexandra McCabe

Nursing Services

With over 13 years in the Calian Health Team, Alexandra applies health services expertise to manage highly skilled nursing teams across Canada in support of northern and Inuit communities. Alexandra ensures Calian is viewed as a trusted partner that can respond quickly with practical solutions to rapidly changing needs. She also manages relationships with a number of provincial and federal health customers receiving impactful mental health and primary care services.

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Greg McLeod

Clinician Services

Greg has extensive experience and has enjoyed many different roles in his career such as Client Delivery Executive, Director, Project Executive, Program Management and Senior Project Manager. Greg’s experience includes engagements with Federal Government, Provincial Government, Municipal Government, Crown Corporations and Agencies and private sector. Greg is a team builder and consensus driver with a passion for mentoring individuals and providing structure that helps individuals succeed in a team environment. He consistently supports the spirit of teamwork, empowerment and trust. He takes on recruiter, training, coaching and team manager functions according to the situation; always ensuring that everyone understands and supports the vision.

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