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Design, manufacture, test and deliver components and systems.

We deliver custom components for defence systems, from requirement to installation. Our components are on the LAV 6.0 armoured vehicle and the MSTAR ground radar.

For space systems we manufacture custom antennas and components, and provide systems integration, engineering solutions and software development. We take an embedded-design approach to deliver mission-ready solutions.

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Delivering expertise through training and exercises.

Training the force is vital for readiness. We provide Training-as-a-Service (Taas) for individual and collective training for defence customers around the world for dozens of occupational specializations.

Our technologies deliver a customized training experience for in-person or remote learning. Using e-learning technologies, we enable the design, delivery, and evaluation of training exercises in one system. This provides rich data on readiness and areas for follow-on training.

New technologies bring new training opportunities. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality opens new possibilities for task training, reducing time-to-qualification and improving proficiency.

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Real-time operational support for space, cybersecurity and aerospace.

Network security is vital to all defence missions, at home and abroad. All C4ISR functions rely on data and network security. We deliver network security operations and end-point security solutions to keep the network safe and the data protected.

Situational awareness around the world is enabled by satellite operations. We manage the flight operations for satellites to ensure reliable flight paths to meet mission requirements.

To keep the RCAF flying safely airworthiness of aircraft is essential. Our engineering team delivers the airworthiness program for the RCAF for fixed wing and rotary platforms to keep them flying.

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Delivering satellite communications systems with global reach.
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Training as a Service

Assessing training needs and delivering large, complex, multi-national training exercises.
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Cybersecurity & Information Technology

Protecting organizations from cyber threats and delivering enterprise digital solutions.
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Electronics Design & Manufacturing

Manufacturing components through design, build, and test to meet the toughest challenges.
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Engineering Services & Solutions

Leading systems engineering, software development, integrated design, and embedded design solutions across the full life cycle.
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