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About us

Calian GNSS (Formerly Tallysman Wireless): With global headquarters and manufacturing in Ottawa, Canada, Calian GNSS is a leading manufacturer of high-precision GNSS and Iridium antennas, smart antennas (antenna with built in GNSS receiver) and accessories supporting a broad range of satellite-based positioning, and navigation applications.

We are known for Accutenna®, VeraPhase®, VeroStar® and Helical antenna technologies. These technologies are among the highest performance antennas (low axial ratios, high multi-path signal rejection, tight PCV) in their size and weight, while setting economical price points. Calian’s antennas are the antennas of choice for a wide variety of applications.

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Enhancing GNSS performance with patented technology   

  • Integrating Calian’s patented Accutenna® technology 
  • Provides superior multi-path signal rejection 
  • Single patch covers GPS (L1), GLONASS (G1), Galileo (E1), BeiDou (B1), and L-Band Correction services 
  • Dual patch covers single, dual, triple and full Band GNSS 
  • Truly circular response over 80 MHz bandwidth 
  • Pre-filtering option for protection from near band signals 
  • Superior rejection of cross polarized signals (multi-path) 


Designed for high-performance, lightweight applications

  • Ideal for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones and robotics  
  • Precision-tuned quadrifilar helix antenna element 
  • Extreme lightweight (4 g to 42 g) 
  • Excellent gain and axial ratio over all elevation and azimuth angles 
  • Broad GNSS band coverage, including single, dual, triple, and L-band correction services 
  • Low-current, low-noise amplifiers (LNA) with integrated low-loss pre-filter 
  • High signal-to-noise ratio 
  • Robust, military-grade, IP67-compliant plastic enclosure 
  • Ideal for RTK and PPP applications 
  • Certified Iridium model available 
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Designed for high-demand GNSS applications

  • Supports all GNSS signals and L-band correction services 
  • Ideal for survey, marine, aviation, agriculture, and machine control 
  • Excellent low-elevation signal tracking 
  • High-radiating efficiency for optimal signal-to-noise ratio 
  • Stable phase centre variation (±2 mm) 
  • Superior multipath rejection 
  • Ideal for RTK and PPP applications 
  • Innovative low-noise amplifier with out-of-band filtering 
  • IP69K waterproof rating 


Introducing the highest performing GNSS antennas  

  • Patented technology providing the lowest axial ratios from horizon to horizon across all GNSS frequencies 
  • Most stable and tightest Phase Centre Variations across all frequencies (+/- 1mm) 
  • Highest gain across all GNSS frequencies (1164 – 1300MHz + 1559 – 1610MHz) 

VeraPhase® technology ensures unmatched stability and performance, making it ideal for RTK and PPP systems without relying on antenna calibration data (such as RINEX files). It offers superior PCV stability through all elevations and azimuths, with variations less than 1mm for elevation angles greater than 15 degrees. 

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Smart antenna-receivers

Ready-to-deploy high performance GNSS modules  

  • Integrating Calian’s Tallysman Antennas with industry leading GNSS receiver platforms 
  • Mitigating systemic RF integration issues 
  • u-blox, ST, Septentrio 
  • single-band, dual band, RTK, PPP-RTK capable, IMU, cm-level 
  • Compatible with major correction vendors 
  • Digital signal distribution from module (RS-422, R-S232, USB, CMOS) 
  • Plug-and-play software development kits with TruPrecision eval software and OS drivers for robotic platforms like ROS-2 

Anti-jamming technology

Mitigating ground and near-ground based jamming signals 

  • Single band and triple band anti-jamming antenna technology 
  • Blocks jammer signals from +15 to -10 degrees elevation 
  • Modifies antenna radiation pattern to block low elevation jammer signals 
  • Increases antenna gain at high elevation angles 
  • Mitigates jamming signals that can saturate the low noise amplifier (LNA) 
  • Recommended for use with multi-constellation antennas and receivers for continuous satellite tracking 

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Custom GNSS antenna solutions

Calian offers a wide range of Antenna & RF Engineering Services including custom antenna solutions, custom tuning of ceramic patch or helical elements, and a variety of cables and connector customizations. Our technical expertise and support are available to provide you with best practices in antenna integration, from enclosure design to custom tuning, where our testing services ensure you achieve optimal performance for your unique application. Learn more about our Antenna & RF Engineering Services 
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Antenna builder

Finding the right antenna for your application should be easy. Calian’s simple, three-step antenna selection guide allows you to quickly specify the fundamental antenna requirements for your situation to quickly narrow down your antenna options. 

 The first step to choosing the right antenna is defining which signal frequency bands from which satellite constellations your receiver requires. Calian’s broad antenna selection supports GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and NAVIC GNSS constellations, Iridium Satellite Communications, and L-Band connection services. 

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