Navigate with precision: Calian's integrated smart GNSS antennas

Calian’s High accuracy, integrated Smart GNSS Antennas combine Calian’s high-performance antenna technology with high end GNSS receivers … and more!

Boost GNSS performance: Beyond basics with Calian

Multi-Constellation, Multiple Frequency, interference mitigation … we take care the “table stakes” AND the system RF design considerations that can undermine your solution’s GNSS performance, so you can focus on your unique value proposition.

Tailor your path with Calian's versatile GNSS antennas

Calian’s Smart GNSS Antennas don’t stop at basic positioning. You can focus on timing or location, select your system interface and mechanicals (Radome, mounting style), add inertial measurement units for deep urban canyon operation … there is a wide array of options.

With our Augmented solutions, which integrate with Augmentation Services like U-Blox PointPerfect® or give you RTK Rover/Base configurations that enable precision heading, you can elevate accuracy to meet the demanding requirements of automated systems and 5G networks.

See how we can help with the challenges of integrating high performance GNSS into your solution.

Screenshot of a TruPrecision app interface showing Log Analysis, with messages indicating base antenna communication and valid GNSS fix achieved. Below, hardware modules and the PointPerfect GNSS logo are displayed.

Unlock GNSS mastery: Calian's 33-TP5390SDK-0 toolkitPDF

With our 33-TP5390SDK-0 Software Development Kit Calian gives you the tools to manage these products, including configurator downloads, Manuals, our full TruPrecision application and a 60 day subscription to u-blox’ PointPerfect Augmentation Service for managing Augmented Solutions

Maximizing GNSS signal clarity: the role of antennas

Antennas are key in GNSS for reducing interference and ensuring signal integrity, vital for accuracy. The shift to integrated L-Band systems demands careful design for reliable performance in tough environments.

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Derisk your solution via integration

In this age of digital design, the connection between the GNSS antenna and GNSS receiver is a gaping exposure to systemic error that should not be trivialized. To get a full appreciation for the issues we highly recommend taking some timeout to enjoy the GNSS webinar

GPS World webinar on GNSS interference: sources, detection, and mitigation, sponsored by Calian.

Enhancing signal quality: The critical role of GNSS antennas

The job of a GNSS antenna is to present as clean a signal to the receiver as possible.  The antenna cleans that up as best as it can (taking care of the big items, such as multi-path interference, satellite azimuth and elevation, in-band interference, phase-centre error etc.), but the path from the physical antenna element to the Receiver leaves a lot of room for further systemic errors into the signal reception, especially using the traditional approach of locating the antenna some distance from the receiver, exposed to local system impairments.

Advancing precision: Integrating L-Band augmentation in GNSS design

The shift to a carrier phase precise positioning solution with integrated L-Band augmentation imposes a new level of detail in GNSS system design.

Receiving and preserving the quality of the GNSS signal from the antenna element to the receiver is essential to persisting carrier phase lock, avoiding cycle slips, and maintaining convergence while operating in challenging environments. 

As a low amplitude, easily impaired signal, the best way to do that is to design around a known (to the best of ability to know) physical  and electrical set of parameters.

Streamlining accuracy: Calian's integrated approach to GNSS solutions

Simply put, reducing the window for fault injection by constraining the variables between analog GNSS signal and digital representation of the geo-location information, to a known set, is the optimal path.  Calian does that by integrating our best antennas with the best commercial receivers in the native antenna mechanical package, presenting the GNSS receiver to the target system over a suitable “fit for purpose” interface, such as: 

  • RS422/485
  • RS232
  • USB2.0 Type A
  • USB2.0 Type A, BLE, WiFi
  • CANBus
  • Automotive Ethernet 100BaseT1

What can you achieve?

With the TW5390 Augmented Smart GNSS receiver, visualized in the graphic below that points out its major features, you can achieve the results detailed in the 5m radius scatter plots below.

TW5390 Smart GNSS Antenna with IP-Network/L-Band Corrections and IMU


L1 (GPS/Gal/GLO)

GNSS (L1/L2)


GNSS (L1/L2)+PointPerfect


Experience precision with Calian: Try our advanced GNSS solutions

Explore our ultra-precise GNSS solutions with ease.

Calian’s PPP and PPP-RTK capable Augmented Smart Antenna/Receivers utilize the u-blox F9x series of GNSS receivers, and the DSx series satellite based GNSS correction receivers.  As a u-blox design partner, Calian and u-blox collaborate to ensure Calian Smart Antennas are designed and manufactured to the highest-standards. They are immediately usable out of the box with the excellent accuracy you can derive from non-augmentation, using a great antenna and receiver ( <50cm accuracy) (see GNSS Positioning Techniques), but there is so much more when using augmentation, and we help you get there with our Software Development Kits (SDK).

Unlock advanced GNSS capabilities with Calian's SDK

With our SDK, we make it easy to go further and test out PPP and PPP-RTK correction/augmentation performance. First, you can easily connect Calian Smart Antennas with RS-485 interfaces to a PC by using the USB converter included in the SDK and the TruPrecision application for easy configuration.

Streamline RTK testing with TruPrecision and u-blox collaboration

Simplify testing RTK performance with TruPrecision software, offering user-friendly configuration and collaboration benefits.

  • Easy Base/Rover setup with optimization parameters.
  • Internet-based RTCM broadcasting for non-adjacent setups.
  • Calian and u-blox collaboration for seamless PPP Augmentation testing.
  • Includes a 60-day u-blox PointPerfect subscription.
  • Quick-Start guide for redemption code usage and PPP-RTK setup.

Hybrid RTK: Fast Survey-In with TruPrecision

TruPrecision also gives you an extremely useful hybrid solution for taking advantage of RTK’s excellent accuracy (<1 cm) without the pain of the long Base Survey-In times by using PointPerfect to do a “Fast Survey-in” of the Base, then turn off the PPP-RTK correction service (PointPerfect) for the Base automatically once Surveyed-In.  Historically Survey-In of a Base can take 24 hours.  Fast Survey-in using PPP-RTK augmentation services (PointPerfect) can be <20 minutes or even better, depending on accuracy vs survey-in goals!

Precision heading: simplified testing with TruPrecision

TruPrecision and the SDK simplify testing for precision heading in autonomous operations. Different SDKs and antennas are tailored for specific tests, from PPP-RTK functionality to Base/Rover configurations.

  • 33-TP5390SDK-0: Required for testing PPP-RTK over L-Band and IP-networks.
  • 33-TP5384SDK-0: Needed for Base in Base/Rover configurations for Precision Heading.
  • Antenna Options: Direct integration choices include TW5384, TW5390, TW5790, TW5390C, and TW5386 for various functionalities.

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