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Preparation, Planning, and Learning

While the physical tasks associated with a response effort lie far beyond the scope of emergency management program development services, by addressing the three core phases—mitigation, preparedness, recovery—the overall response is vastly improved, saving lives, businesses and communities.

The Calian team has a critical balance of academic understanding of not only emergency management, but also adult learning, psychological stress responses, and organizational design as well as the practical experience of emergency management, facilitation, and education.

Develop and Integrate Medical Management Systems for Large Scale Disasters

Through deep analysis of past historical events and studying conceptual models based on hypothetical disasters, Calian is able to deliver surge readiness and protection strategies to mitigate patient demand by maximizing public health provisions and coordination. This includes structured triage and care systems that implement an effective and cohesive response to a large-scale emergency.

An emergency response support framework delivered by Calian provides resilience to the medical and healthcare system while continuing to ensure the safety of its first responders.

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