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Calian worked with the village of Telkwa, British Columbia, to develop a guide with pre-planned routing and advance decisions to support residents during an evacuation. This helped the village meet its legal responsibilities to be prepared for potential emergencies or disasters. The plan was developed as a response to the province’s requirement to have its communities better prepared for wildfires, floods or a railway catastrophe.

The emergency plan conformed to provincial evacuation procedures and included detailed flowcharts to help Telkwa officials make decisions during an emergency event and/or evacuation. The comprehensive plan delivers order and efficiency in response to a disaster allowing the leaders and people of Telkwa to feel confident in their choices during an emergency situation.

Regardless of the maturity of an emergency management program, plan development begins with an accounting of the hazards and potential impacts facing the organization. Once understood, actionable plans, guidelines, and frameworks are developed. Learn more about our Emergency Management Solutions here.

Download the case study below to learn more about our process and our approach to the challenges faced in this situation.

Calian Case Study - Village of Telkwa


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