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Domestic Disaster Management

With the increasing number and severity of human and natural disasters, many countries are turning to their militaries to assist in domestic disaster management/relief. Calian collaborates with governments and departments of defence to prepare, train and analyze military response to domestic disasters/crises instilling confidence in preparedness.

Photo of a row of military personnel walking at sunset.

Surge Capacity

In the event of an emergency, where backup emergency management or medical support is required, Calian Defence Solutions experts are available to provide support and capacity solutions for the emergency duration and real-time assessment and learning.

Through deep analysis of past historical events and studying conceptual models based on hypothetical disasters, Calian is able to deliver surge readiness and protection strategies to mitigate community and patient demand by maximizing public health provisions and coordination. This includes structured triage and care systems that implement an effective and cohesive response to a large-scale emergency.

An emergency response support framework delivered by Calian provides resilience to the medical and healthcare system while continuing to ensure the safety of its first responders.

Screenshot of the Calian Response Ready Exercise platform

Calian ResponseReady™ Exercise Platform

Calian develops its exercises using its industry-leading product: Calian ResponseReady™ Exercise Platform. The platform enables increased collaboration with the client during all phases of the exercise design process and provides significant realism during the delivery. This Calian software product allows for:

  • Collaborative exercise design among remotely located design team

  • Automatic delivery of injects

  • Media and social media simulation

  • Increased awareness among facilitators and controllers during delivery

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Screenshot of an example of a dashboard of the exercise program.

Exercise Development

An exercise program is a progressive series of activities that test and improve plans and procedures, provide training opportunities to personnel and increase participant confidence by adhering to a continual improvement model. These programs consist of training sessions, workshops and exercises of varying sizes and scope. An effective exercise program builds greater capacity and enhances community resilience and public safety.

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After Action Reviews

AARs analyze the response to, and/or the recovery from, an incident or emergency. They are designed to provide feedback on what worked well and what areas require improvement. These are evidence-based, objective, measured assessments of the successes and areas for improvement based on the existing response plans and are considered an essential component of the improvement process. Calian is trusted to create after-action reports for many municipal and provincial government responses.

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