Emergency Management

"We hired Calian to help facilitate a table top exercise (TTX), provide training on TTX facilitation, and develop custom learning tools for emergency preparedness for our organization. Our consultant was always very professional and engaging. He was able to quickly understand our emergency management governance and the breadth and complexity of his experience was an asset to enhancing our emergency management program. I highly recommend consulting Calian for your emergency management needs."

National Research Council Canada



Program Development

Calian can support your organization in the development of foundational emergency management program structures aligned with recognized standards and best practices. Contact us today for emergency planning and program development 

  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments (HIRA)

Calian has the experience and expertise to develop thorough and highly-focused organizational HIRA. As a HIRA is a foundational emergency management document, Calian recognizes the importance of ensuring it takes an extensive view of a diverse range of hazards and their secondary impacts.

  • Plans, Policies, and Procedures

The development of a comprehensive suite of plans, policies, and procedures is the cornerstone of a successful emergency management program. Calian can assist organizations in developing a document framework that clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.

  • Organizational Design

Complex organizations require a thoughtful and deliberate design to function effectively during emergencies and disruptions. Calian's team is experienced in the design, development and implementation of emergency management systems for clients in the most complex and high-risk environments. 

  • Contingency Planning

Calian is capable of developing all-hazards and hazard-specific plans for events that could potentially challenge the ability of an organization to respond. If your organization has to contend with an upcoming event that has the potential to overwhelm your capacity, or has the requirement to plan for scenarios where the consequences of failure are profound, Calian can help. 

  • Audit and Benchmark

Calian conducts its projects in alignment with nationally and internationally recognized standards and best practices. We use our unique organizational maturity model to provide a thorough and comprehensive review and assessment of your emergency and continuity management program.



Training and Exercises

Calian is a recognized leader in the design, development and facilitation of emergency management training and exercises for clients operating in diverse environments. Contact an emergency preparedness expert today

  • Incident Management

Effective Incident Management teams are critical to the success of every emergency management effort. While Calian can provide a range of accredited training programs in Incident Command and Incident Management, our team is also capable of developing customized frameworks based on the principles of the Incident Command System, but tailored to the unique requirements and capabilities of our clients.

  • Emergency Operations Centre 

Organizations engaged in advanced emergency management activities require the integration of an effective and highly-trained Emergency Operations Centre. Calian is experienced in the design and delivery of EOC training conforming to emergency management best practices, as well as customized training focused on the resources and realities of organizations with specialized requirements. Additionally, Calian can assist in the design of a physical EOC layout to maximize your organization's situational awareness. 

  • Exercise Design and Facilitation

Calian is a recognized leader in the design and facilitation of emergency exercises for clients across Canada. Our team has supported municipal, provincial, federal, and private sector organizations in the development of exercises ranging from Tabletop to Full-Scale. Regardless of size or complexity, Calian has the skills to develop exercises that are second to none.



Emergency Response Support

Calian can support your organization during real emergency events by providing expertise and subject matter experts with a range of specialized skills. Contact us for emergency response support

  • Advisory Services

In the event of a real emergency, Calian can provide recognized emergency management experts with a wide variety of specialized skills. If your organization requires additional subject matter expertise to respond to a diverse number of incidents, Calian can support you to ensure you're at your best when things are at their worst.




Calian can support communities and organizations in learning from the past to ensure resilience for the future. Contact us now

  • After Action Reviews

Calian has the experience and expertise to provide comprehensive After-Action Reviews of exercises and real emergencies. Our team utilizes both quantitative and qualitative research methods to provide a complete picture of your organization's level of effectiveness.

  • Corrective Action Plans

Calian can provide your organization with subject matter experts focused on development of timely and effective corrective action plans for a number of scenarios. Our team can identify the root cause of a problem, and develop measurable solutions while also suggesting the most appropriate organizational representative to monitor the progress of corrective actions. 

  • Organizational Learning and Evolution

Many organizations believe in the goal of continuous improvement, but often fail to turn lessons identified into lessons learned. Calian recognizes that recovery is a cyclical process with linkages to all phases of emergency management. Our team can support your organization in implementing a change management strategy to ensure these opportunities for improvement become organizational strengths.


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