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Webinar:  "Protecting Your Environment from a Ransomware Attack"

There seems to be a never ending stream of new malware and attacks facing enterprises today. Above all, ransomware is receiving the greatest amount of visibility, primarily due to the immediacy of the impact and the direct tie to monetary demands for resolution.

Costs for regaining control of your network are skyrocketing. Canadian organizations routinely pay tens of thousands of dollars to regain control of their networks. The highest payment on record for a Canadian organization was recently reported at over $400,000, while a foreign organization reportedly paid over $1 Million to unlock their files.



Industries Served:

• Education                                               • Public Security                                             • Gaming

• Hi-Tech/Telecom                                    • Financial Services                                        • Manufacturing  

• Healthcare                                             • Utilities

• Defence                                                 • Retail & E-Commerce 


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