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Synthetic Training Environments

Calian has been collaborating and innovating synthetic training environments (STE) for more than 25 years, alongside the Canadian Army Simulation Centre. The result is a highly secure, realistic and immersive training environment able to deliver training anytime, anywhere for any threat. The goal of Calian STE is for individual soldiers and collective units to be confident in their readiness for upcoming missions.

Video: Delivering Collective and High-Readiness Military Training

Calian is a leading provider of military training using synthetic environments for collective and high-readiness training for NATO and NATO-member countries. Watch the webinar recording to learn more.

White Paper: Evolving Simulation-Based Training for High-Readiness Exercises

Developing end-to-end high-readiness training is a complex process with many steps. Learn about our holistic approach to design and development.

White Paper: Preparing for Contemporary Armed Conflict

Integrating the Latest Lessons Learned into High-Readiness Training

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Distributed, Next-Generation Simulation and Training Delivery

Calian is leveraging the Microsoft Azure cloud environment to demonstrate how simulation and training efficiency can be improved through cloud-based distributed training with direct benefits for remote training audiences, such as reserve units. Using a cloud-based solution allows you to design, develop and deliver training to an audience that is physically dispersed. This saves on transportation and lodging expenses and eliminates extensive time away from the unit or family.

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Integration Software

VCCI, the Virtual Command and Control Interface, is used to support simulation-based training for the military. It is the middleware that sits between third-party simulators and military command-and-control applications. In broad terms, VCCI offers data translation, transformation and coordination services between third-party simulators and military command-and-control applications. It also provides value added simulation services.

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After-Action Reviews

Aramis is a military off-the-shelf (MOTS) after-action review (AAR) tool that graphically represents complex simulation data captured from a military exercise. It allows the AAR analyst to quickly locate issues and specific topics from the exercise and display it in a meaningful fashion, thereby increasing the value of the event for the primary training audience.

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