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Transform legacy systems for cloud-readiness

Rewrite existing systems to leverage microservices architecture, database unification and modern technology stacks. Quickly move applications into cloud-ready services using “lift and shift” or re-architect them to gain the agility of native cloud platforms. Our experts become part of your team to create a roadmap for cloud migration and digital transformation that fits your business requirements, processes and timelines.

Leverage existing data and IT systems

Integration and interoperability with legacy IT assets help to contain costs while you focus on modernizing your systems. Customize services for your specific environment and speed time to value by teaming with our integration specialists for individual components or end-to-end management. Learn more about our data integration and interoperability solutions: Data Integration & Interoperability | Calian.

Implement proven DevOps for greater agility

Implement agile processes with automations designed to accelerate the life cycle of your development projects. Setting up a proven DevOps framework and deployment pipeline will support your evolving business and cultivate an environment of continuous improvement. Reduce lead time, deploy new services more frequently, and build better software solutions for your customers.

Innovate with custom web and mobile apps

When you can’t find off-the-shelf solutions to fit your requirements, we can help you create custom applications in diverse areas from data repositories to portals/dashboards (PowerBI) and web/mobile services.

Our rich experience in essential services domains such as healthcare and transportation gives us greater understanding of the unique development processes for critical systems. Healthcare organizations, for example, are confident that our development processes are compliant with protected health information (PHI) regulations and HIPAA privacy standards.

Partner with cloud specialists

Modernize your IT infrastructure to create agile, efficient systems and applications that can scale and adapt to your changing business.

React quickly to market changes by relying on our specialized Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 application development expertise, including Teams, CRM, Sharepoint, PowerBI and PowerApps.

Our services include:

  • Custom Development: Develop tailored, domain specific solutions and enable seamless integration and data/workflow transformation across applications.
  • Application Modernization + Optimization: Employ a platform-driven approach to cloud migration for greater agility, scalability and efficiency
  • Application + Integration Maintenance: Run support operations as a single integrated unit to drive operational excellence, agility and cost savings.
  • Managed Azure CSP: Rely on our dedicated team and maximize your return on investment.

Our Experts

Design your digital health systems with confidence. Our team has decades of experience in health IT innovation. Healthcare providers trust us to help them continuously improve access to high-quality patient care.

Ambrose Mok

A technology leader with extensive experience in the healthcare and IT industries, Ambrose Mok is an expert in strategic planning, product development and engineering.

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Tazmin Leipsig

With ten years of experience in healthcare technology, Tazmin excels at sustainable product development and building solutions that exceed customer expectations.

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