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Calian offers industry-leading technologies to support small, medium and large businesses with monitoring and management of on-premise and data centre networking and server infrastructure to ensure optimal performance throughout the network and high customer satisfaction.

24x7x365 Advanced Monitoring (WMI, SNMP, API)

No more alert fatigue! Allow our engineers to monitor your systems and keep a check on all activities on the network with round-the-clock monitoring.

Basic, Scripted Remediation

Whether it's Telco outages or Windows services offline, our team will follow your scripted remediation plans and escalation paths to restore services as quickly as possible.

Alert Management and Disposition

Verify your alerts to remove false positives and confirm issues for only actionable alerts and escalations.

Escalation of Actionable Alerts

Never miss an alert in the event of an incident and make sure it is escalated to the right person for productive processing.

Hardware Warranty Replacements

In case of a malfunction or a device failure, replacement is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty for as long as the original warranty lasts.

ITIL-Based Methodology

We help you establish the operational parameters of your organization’s IT systems, networks and architecture for sufficient & well-managed services.

Secure VPN Connectivity

Ensure a secure connection between networks, shield your browsing history from tracking and get safe and smooth access to region-restricted sites.

Monthly Reporting, SLA Metrics

Improve customer satisfaction by providing them with reports on the functioning of their system.

Trouble Tickets

Get insights into the hardware or software issues your users are experiencing. Enable agents to better resolve and quickly escalate the matter when needed.

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