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Live Support+

Our live support solution allows businesses, large or small, to communicate effectively for positive outcomes, to enhance sales, and ensure the best customer service experience through all platforms including web chat, video, screen sharing and more.

More Than Just Chat

We offer a multi-platform customer experience and centralized support to provide assistance on queries regarding procedures, products and services.

Cloud-Based Platform for Calls and Messages

Support agents have access to their services on desktop and mobile from anywhere in the world.

Co-Browsing with Your Customer

Improve customer experience by seeing what your customers see and providing quick, effective and timely solutions.

Yes, I’m A Real Person

Take your regular web chat support service to the next level for enhanced productivity through a live video chat with the support agent.

Seamless Transmission from Chat to Phone

Help your customers with a non-intrusive handoff in case they need to speak to the agent instead of a chatbot.

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