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Calian keeps you one step ahead of security threats with 24x7x365 timely support, efficient security management and threat intelligence.

Are You On The List?

With security incident and event management, stay up to date on security matters and avoid any safety threats with 24x7x365 threat intelligence operations.

Sweep Completed Team

Stay one step ahead of malicious activity with efficient and effective vulnerability scanning and reporting on your networks.

Something Doesn’t Seem Right

With endpoint and network anomaly detection we take a proactive approach and constantly monitor network behaviour to reveal issues that other technologies cannot.

We Hunt the Threats

Neutralize all the cyber threats that might come your way by mapping intelligence and coordinating proactive responses.

We’ve Secured Your Mail

Secure your business from email fraud, threats and cyber attacks. Calian offers an email defence that protects your network like no other.

Vulnerability Management

Calian offers centralized management of potential risks with a single solution so that your team can focus on innovation without vulnerabilities.

Please Confirm Your ID

We offer additional security protection with layers. Make your environment 100 per cent secure from hackers gaining access to your private data by setting up multi-factor authentication.

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