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An all-in-one business communications solution from Calian improves workplace communication, efficiency and productivity through team collaboration and connection.

Talk Till You Drop and Then Talk Some More

Calian offers an all-in-one business communications solution to improve workplace communication, efficiency, productivity and to ensure greater success within organizations through team collaboration.

Talk From Anywhere

With our patent-pending technology, you can move your active call from cell phone to wifi to the desktop phone without skipping a beat.

Everyone Gets a # (extension)

With direct inward dial phone numbers, you will get quick and direct access to each employee to increase workplace productivity, reduce costs and eliminate unnecessary waiting hours.

Call Them By Their Real Name

Time is the most valuable asset. By incorporating the dial-by-name directory, we provide you with quick information at your fingertips without any delays.

This Mailbox is Now an Email

Have your important voicemails delivered directly to your business email.

Hey, I Can See You!

We provide smooth and high-quality video calling, connecting all team members; either remote, in the same location or across the country.

Can’t You See I'm on the Phone? Message Me!

Always know which team members are available and ensure productivity by enabling employees to collaborate through instant messaging. Know in real-time who’s online, in a meeting or simply away.

All My Phones Ring So I Don’t Miss a Thing

With a single number, employees can answer incoming calls on their desk phones, computer-based cell phones or mobile phones without having to adjust anything. This enables the caller to avoid dialling extensions.

Plug & Play Hardware Options

Reasonable and simplified options for hardware include standard and executive phones, public space phones for the lobby or kitchen, conference room phones with a mic, fax adapter, and power brick for non-PoE switches and receptionist console. Choose from different options from leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Polycom and Yealink.

Standard Desk Phone

Cisco UC Phone 7841

Executive Desk Phone

Cisco UC Phone 8851

Public Space Phone

Cisco UC Phone 8851

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