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Branch Connect

An All-Inclusive Technology With an advanced Branch Connect IT solution from Calian, your organization can quickly roll out new branch locations without the risk of high operational expense. Deploy an all-in-one solution that streamlines hardware, software, security and disaster recovery and keeps everything consistent across your organization.

Avoid Downtime and Expand Quickly

Speed up processes and expand efficiently with a one-stop solution for IT equipment. As a result, open new locations efficiently with a preconfigured, flexible and plug-and-play IT solution.

Minimize Hurdles and Receive Support

Partner with an experienced team that will design, implement and support your branch technology. Roll out your new location intelligently and in the process, avoid IT complications.


Stay securely connected with next-generation security solutions and threat hunting for remote workers.

An Experienced Industry Partner For Your Branch Success

Calian has aligned itself with top-tier vendors to bring your organization an all-encompassing financial services solution. Partner with a team that has extensive knowledge and understanding of the financial industry, modern business networks and IT as a whole.

  • Receive a dedicated account manager to streamline communication.
  • Benefit from a tailored solution that fits your unique business needs.
  • Shorten time-to-market with an all-in-one solution that leverages reputable technology.
  • Work with a team that’s highly skilled, engineering-focused, and industry-certified.

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