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ITCS Products and Services

Calian IT and Cyber Solutions (ITCS) create enterprise value by solving complex problems for our customers. The Calian ITCS portfolio includes on-demand resourcing, IT and cybersecurity consulting, managed services, and SaaS. Watch the video below to learn about the bright future for IT and cybersecurity solutions.

Cybersecurity+ as a Service

Calian keeps you one step ahead of security threats with 24x7x365 timely support, efficient security management and threat intelligence through our global network of Security Operation Centers. Take a proactive approach and constantly monitor network behaviour with endpoint and network anomaly detection. With leading cybersecurity partners such as Meraki, Cisco and Okta, Calian keeps your data, people and business safe from cyber attacks.

Hardware & Software solutions

Firewalls: We work with Gartner Magic Quadrant leading firewalls such as Palo Alto, Cisco, Forinet and Check Point and more. We offer next-gen firewall technology with 24/7 SNMP-based device health monitoring.

Access Control: We design and deploy network access control infrastructure, whether it's total network access, wireless or setting up multi-factor authentication.

Endpoint protection: Utilizing the greatest in AI and ML, we assist you in deploying agents and providing endpoint policy development, event management, alerting and tuning to reduce false positives and “noise”. We utilize event validation, triage and review/analysis of suspect emails to uncover threat indicators and intel.

Awareness Training

Phishing Training: Using custom social engineering validation products, we teach employees to detect threat agents attempting to collect and exploit personal or organizational data.

Human Firewall: Human firewall training recognizes that cybersecurity is both a technology and people issue. A “human firewall” is able to detect and reject cybercriminal behavior designed to exploit trust and curiosity.

Tabletop Exercises: Using custom designed incident response playbooks, we offer in-person and virtual training that simulates real cybersecurity attack scenarios.

Risk & Maturity

Advisory Services: Our advisory services are customized to your organization and help us identify and deliver the solutions you need.

vCISO: A virtual Cybersecurity Information Officer (or vCISO) lets your organization fulfill the needs of a CISO from anywhere. We provide the services necessary to execute strategy, protect your organization’s information assets and deliver these solutions based on the global NIST Standards.

Threat Intelligence: Our team is always looking on the dark web and collecting information to keep your organization informed and your systems updated about potential threats and risk factors.

Digital Risk Protection: Multi-layered security provides a standardized criteria to set a risk management strategy to assess potential risks and program maturity. We measure your organization’s response and work toward risk management and improvement.

Gap Analysis: Allows an organization to discover areas of weakness within their network and ensure that the system security controls are effective. Cybersecurity gap analysis showcases what you should be doing by comparing your current practices against best practices within your industry.


Restoration Services: In the aftermath of an attack, we work to contain and restore your operations as fast as possible.

Incident Response: Our incident response team is an extension of your organization. We respond to threats and remediate any data breaches with advanced forensic techniques. We have a high success rate in safely and securely recovering data from the most damaging attacks.

Root Cause Analysis: Our root cause analysis provides a thorough sweep to comprehensively detect the issues that led to the incident—strengthening your security for the future.


Compliance: We ensure your organization’s compliance with relevant laws, regulations and authorities pertaining to the security, confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Configuration Audits: Our configuration audits examine every aspect of your network to detect vulnerabilities that cyber-attackers can use to gain access.

Purple Team Exercises: Purple team exercises build the established red team vs. blue team format into a cooperative exercise for evaluating the state of your organization’s IT security.

Active Directory: We assist your active directories looking for any potential issues in your organization’s IT department to managed users, credentials, applications, data and more, protecting against unauthorized access.

Ransomware Simulation: Our ransomware simulations replicate real-world attack scenarios to detect and improve weak points in a controlled environment.

Insurance Assistance: We work with your insurance and forensics company to walk through your current configuration and to ensure you are meeting the requirements for coverage. We suggest recommendations and best practices to strengthen your environment.

Penetration Testing

Web Applications (OWASP): We use industrial tools and web-based scanners to assess your organization in validating web creation, development, testing, implementation and support of applications to ensure that security is as reliable as possible from the start.

Exploit Validation: We find and resolve exploits in your security infrastructure.

Social Engineering: Social engineering penetration testing targets your employees’ readiness in the face of manipulation from external threats. We create custom social engineering validation products and deploy them to mimic threat agents attempting to collect and exploit data from your workforce.

Tabletop: Using custom designed incident response playbooks, we offer in-person training that simulates real cybersecurity attack scenarios.

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