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On July 20 and 21, Calian is attending the Joint Military Training and Simulation Conference (JMTS) in Bristol, UK, as a Silver Sponsor and exhibitor. JMTS features an authoritative speaker panel of international military officers and experts. This year’s conference is a forum to review best practices for enhancing multi-domain operational effectiveness via the synthetic training environment.

Calian and JMTS?

Calian is sponsoring and exhibiting at JMTS to showcase their end-to-end military training solutions—from the development of individual competencies to the distribution of collective training in a synthetic environment.

Calian has supported Canadian, NATO and global militaries for over 25 years with a suite of diverse training solutions. Calian has been the training partner of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) since 1996, delivering individual and collective training developed by defence and training experts.

What to Expect at JMTS?

The Calian booth will showcase the seamless integration of tools and simulation systems to achieve real-world, distributed training and high-readiness objectives through live interconnectivity with NATO C2 systems, MaestroEDE, VCCI, Abacus, VBS and Sitaware HQ.

Jay Ballard, Military Training and Simulation Lead, will present a session titled “Training for Modern War”, examining trends from recent conflicts, the effect of disinformation and cyber attacks on military operations, the challenges of urban warfare and lessons learned from warfare in the 2020s. We recently published two blog posts examining these issues—read them here and here.

Stay tuned for updates during the event and for a JMTS lessons learned and highlights blog.