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Projects: Prototype & Production

  • 6m & 10m Prototype

    • 6m & 1Om Q/V frequency band prototype antennas
    • Designed and developed in Saskatoon using carbon fiber epoxy structures
    • First verification over satellite of high-frequency antenna technology
  • 10m Production

    • 1Om Q/V frequency band production antennas, pilot plant production online in early 2020
    • Producing 1Om antennas currently being deployed in the United States
  • 14m Prototype

    • 14m Q/V frequency band prototype antenna, designing next large aperture antenna
    • Expanding product line
    • 14m Q/V frequency band prototype antenna
    • Designing next large aperture antenna
    • Expanding product line

Engineering & Technology

SRI’s engineering capabilities embrace the use of industry leading CAD, FEA, and metrology packages, as well incorporating state of the art methodologies to break new ground in our designs.

Our facility is equipped with <25μm 3D spatial positioning tools and high precision metrology equipment, allowing us to achieve tight tolerances and validate those tolerances are maintained during production.

We use high-precision software and lab equipment to verify our designs throughout the product lifecycle, in order to minimize costly redesigns and maximize product performance.

Material Testing Laboratory

  • Two-sided composite layup & infusion table
  • Ultrasonic test machine for void analysis
  • Viscosity, mass, and adhesion test equipment
  • Environmental chamber

Jig & Tooling Manufacturing

  • In-house infused carbon epoxy tooling
  • Rapid prototyping and reverse engineering
  • Custom aluminum, steel and carbon composite jigs

CAD/CAE Capabilities

  • Industry leading engineering modeling and simulation package
  • FEA for composites using ply-based or zone-based modeling
  • Static, dynamic, buckling, thermal, modal, and adhesive analyses
  • Flat pattern generation

Details about our Manufacturing Assets & Capabilities

• Two reconfigurable manufacturing facilities with 30,000ft² manufacturing space

• 5-ton overhead & 1-ton jib cranes

• Large paint booth – 14’ x 28’

• Post-cure oven – 8’ x 8’ x 20’

• Product specific post-of-use manufacturing instructions and part quality documentation and tracking

• Established list of qualified machine shop partners

• Inhouse capability for design and fabrication of customized production jigs

Calian Composite Overview Brochure v3 Web


332,00 KO

Composite Process Options Brochure FINAL V4 USB


505,47 KO

Calian Composites vs Steel and Aluminum Brochure USB


217,68 KO

Ku V Band 1m Offset Reflector USB


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