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SatCom Solutions

Satellite communications connects people around the world in real-time. Calian delivers turn-key ground-based solutions and in-orbit flight testing to provide dependable satellite communications.

Photo of satellite antenna pointing into sky


Calian offers a line of satellite communication antennas suitable for a variety of ground station applications. Our medium to large aperture antennas are designed for high-performance applications, including high-capacity gateways, receive-only, TT&C and IOT.

We have developed pedestals for a variety of tracking applications, including LEO, MEO and GEO targets supporting frequencies up to 60 GHz.

Graphic of RF waves emitting from satellite

RF Systems

Calian engineers complex RF systems for satellite communications, beacon stations, broadcasting, In-Orbit-Testing (IOT), TT&C and radio astronomy. Systems range from L-band to V-band and our role begins with requirements definition and continues through installation, test and commissioning, and after-sale support.

Photo of in-orbit satellite in space

In-Orbit Testing (IOT)

Our IOT systems provide the full suite of tools to effectively test satellite payloads immediately after launch, during transition to operations, and during routine operation of the satellite.

Calian offers a standard IOT solution for typical payloads and can customize the system for any unique satellite payload features. We have developed customized interfaces for telemetry systems, payload configuration, radiometry and rain attenuation, and information exchange with LEO satellite pass planning.

Graphic showing connection between software solutions and aviation, satellites, military, freight, etc.

Software Defined Solutions

For more than 20 years Calian has provided satellite operators with innovative solutions to improve the operating efficiency of their global communications networks.

Calian Mon-A-Co monitor and control system provides operators the performance, flexibility and ease of use to optimize their network.

The Calian Satellite Capacity Management System delivers operators the latest advanced satellite communication payload and link propagation analysis techniques and modeling to assist in planning and managing of satellite capacity.

Calian can deliver custom solutions:

  • Real-time resource management of highly dynamic satellite payloads

  • Capacity planning and sizing tools to assist in configuring, planning and sizing your network

  • Gateways for data and voice communications

Calian has the solutions you need for your ground segment.

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