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Carrier and Spectrum Monitoring

Calian, Advanced Technologies Carrier Monitoring & Spectrum Monitoring systems provide satellite operators, teleport operators and other service providers the ability to automatically manage RF carrier performance with minimal effort.

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Mon-A-Co Monitor and Control System

Calian’s Mon-A-Co monitor and control system provides satellite, broadcast, telecommunications and cable network operators the performance flexibility and ease of use they need to optimize their networks.

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Capacity Planning

Calian’s next-generation Satellite Capacity Management System delivers the latest advances in satellite communication payload and link propagation analysis techniques and modeling. The SCMS is an advanced software system used by satellite operators and satellite service providers for planning and managing the use of their satellite capacity.

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Resource Management Solutions

Custom systems for satellite communications. Purpose-built real-time resource management systems for highly dynamic payloads. Centralized operational systems for the supervision, control, and management of global service. Bespoke engineering tools for sizing, planning, and analysis. Systems engineering, integration, and support services available. Please contact us to begin discussing your requirements.

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Aeronautical Gateways

These mission-critical high-availability systems provide data, voice, and air traffic communication services, allowing crew and passengers to communicate with terrestrial networks.

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Planning and Analysis Tools

Calian has a suite of Planning Tools and applications designed to operators in managing their satellite network. These include applications for long-term capacity planning, sizing service based on customer requirements, and beam coverage analysis.

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M2M/IoT Gateways

These systems provide a two-way burst messaging service, which supports a wide range of machine-to-machine applications for tracking and monitoring remote fixed or mobile assets on a global basis.

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