Scalable, global coverage

Calian’s resource orchestration solutions scale from a single satellite to a constellation of satellites providing global coverage.

A satellite orbits the Earth with visible network pathways connecting different points over the planet as the Sun rises in the background.
Manage the satellite communications payload dynamically in near real-time to adapt its configuration (routing, bandwidth, frequency, beams) to meet the needs of the service platforms and user terminal population.
Abstract image of blue light streaks zooming through a dark background, creating a sense of high speed and futuristic motion.
Increase the capabilities of your VSAT system with supervisory-like functionality and an underlying service platform, including adding load balancing between beams/satellites, regulatory constraints enforcement and carrier package optimization.
Female Engineer uses Computer to Analyse Satellite, Calculate Orbital Trajectory Tracking. Aerospace Agency International Space Mission: Scientists Working on Spacecraft Construction.
Plan and manage the payload’s configurability, including trade-off configurations, to maximize transponder performance. Systems communicate with satellite control centres (SCC) to request payload configuration changes and monitor telemetry to verify configuration changes.
Futuristic digital cityscape with glowing neon lines and concentric circles, dotted with illuminated nodes, representing a network or data visualization.
Our custom-developed local resource management software integrates into the gateway service/platform for optimizing the gateway’s use of radio resources and gateway equipment (control and data planes).

Optimize satellite capacity and maximize service delivery

Calian’s next-generation satellite capacity management system (SCMS) delivers the latest advances in satellite communication payload and link propagation analysis techniques and modelling. The SCMS is an advanced software system used by satellite operators and satellite service providers for planning and managing the use of their satellite capacity.

A large white satellite dish with its structure and support mechanism visible, set against a clear blue sky with blurred satellite dishes in the background.
The SCMS models the complexity of today’s high-throughput satellite payloads including the detailed analysis of payload paths, filter responses, and transponder back-off and intermodulation noise impacts. 

The SCMS is ideal for Ku- and Ka-band systems, supporting site diversity analysis, the latest ITU-R weather models and a sophisticated analysis of beam coverage, including interference between beams reusing frequency.

A graph displaying power spectral density over frequency with various colored sections representing different data categories and carrier signals.
Providing multiple planning modes, the system supports thousands of carriers on hundreds of channels and beams. The intuitive user interface organizes transponders and carriers into workspaces and provides easy-to-use interactive spectrum bar displays and detailed reports.
A computer screen displaying a complex network diagram with colorful overlapping shapes and detailed text information on the right side.

Global resource manager

Our global resource manager (GRM) is a real-time software system that dynamically manages the resources of a digital communications payload. Interfacing with the network and satellite ground control systems, the GRM selects, prioritizes and establishes communication channels on the satellite in response to traffic demand.
A globe with various colored markers indicating different locations, focused on the regions of the Middle East, South Asia, and part of Africa.

Enhanced global resource manager

Our enhanced global resource manager (eGRM) manages the payload resources of high-throughput satellites. Supporting global coverage, including fixed and mobile terminal services, it was originally introduced to support the roll-out of Inmarsat’s Ka-band Global Xpress service, the world’s first global HTS network of satellites.
A computer screen displaying a detailed map interface with various data overlays and a side panel showing tables of categorized information. The software appears to analyze or manage geographical data.

Satellite load manager

Our satellite load manager (SLM) adds automated short-term resource management capabilities to global VSAT operations. It augments an existing VSAT platform to reduce, eliminate or prevent network congestion, helping to ensure terminals are operating within regional regulatory constraints, and ensuring terminals are assigned to satellites with unobstructed views and favourable skew angles. 
A satellite with four solar panels orbits above Earth, with the planet's surface and cloud formations visible below.


Calian’s EarthMesh platform empowers space agencies, satellite operators and terrestrial operators to model, analyze and optimize the use of communication links in multi-orbit, multi-constellation environments. This scalable platform is designed to address the complexities of the burgeoning growth of satellites in space.

EarthMesh is an elastic computational engine that models and analyzes extensive and dynamic networks of space- and ground-based assets over time and space. It empowers space agencies and satellite operators to plan and manage their missions and operations efficiently, optimizing RF and optical communications. 

A digitally enhanced image of Earth viewed from space, featuring interconnected white nodes and lines representing global connectivity and networking.

Gateway and satellite switching

Calian’s smart gateway management solution optimizes gateway diversity and ensures continuous network capacity. It leverages automation to swiftly identify and respond to switchover events, guaranteeing uninterrupted service delivery. 

Calian’s gateway and satellite switching solution is highly adaptable, allowing customization to align seamlessly with the specific operational requirements of satellite network operators. 

Digital data and technology icons overlay a view of Earth from space, indicating global connectivity and network communication.

Adaptive radio resource control

Calian has demonstrated expertise in implementing adaptive radio resource control, a critical component in satellite communication networks. Our solutions facilitate real-time, intelligent control between satcom platforms and satellite payloads, ensuring optimal resource allocation to meet the dynamic demands of the network.

Adaptability and intelligence ensures that the satellite’s capacity is efficeintly utilized, enhancing overall network efficiency 

A weather map showing a cyclone with swirling wind patterns over the southeastern coast of Africa, outlined in yellow. The map includes geographical borders within the continent.

Interference management and mitigation

Calian offers state-of-the-art interference management solutions, designed to maximize spectrum usage by providing a comprehensive and intelligent approach to interference management. This solution goes beyond traditional interference monitoring, incorporating advanced modelling techniques to optimize frequency reuse, beam layouts and signal quality. 

Satcom planning and analysis

Calian has a suite of planning tools and applications designed to help operators manage their satellite networks. These include applications for long-term capacity planning, sizing service based on customer requirements and beam coverage analysis.

The capacity sizing tool (CST) helps satellite capacity planning and sales teams design and sell service plans based on aligning QoS needs with satellite performance characteristics across geographic regions. The CST determines achieved availability, data rate and a nominal MODCOD for a service plan across the operating geography by considering the satellite performance characteristics and propagation models for link impairments for six different operating scenarios.   
A computer screen displays a weather monitoring application with a map of Europe, showing various data and forecast statistics in an adjacent window.

The capacity planning tool (CPT) tracks the available and used capacity of a satellite fleet. Designed to scale from one satellite to a global fleet, the system tracks—over time—payload configurations (channels/beams), potential and committed service for individual and group services, and network usage statistics. Services are represented by data rates, symbol rates, geoscopes and time frames, and are augmented by demand and congestion statistics obtained from the ground segment.
Screenshot of a software interface showing a performance analysis dashboard with graphs and tables detailing various performance metrics, including transaction rates, peak loads, and response times.

Calian’s antenna coverage tool projects satellite antenna patterns onto 2D and 3D world maps to enable users to predict, visualize and analyze beam coverage. The tool leverages sophisticated algorithms to model the radio wave propagation and the impact of geographical features, such as buildings and terrain, on signal strength and quality. Engineers use this information to optimize antenna placements, orientations and settings to maximize coverage and minimize interference. Supports Satsoft.
Image of a seabed topographical map showing the Clarion and Clipperton fracture zones, with concentric contour lines indicating underwater terrain features.

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