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Simple, highly accurate tracking and auditing

TruFleet™ lets you track fleets on any device using a simple and intuitive web browser interface, and replay routes to perform detailed audits when incidents occur – all with remarkable accuracy. So you can focus on the performance of your operations instead of your tracking solution.

iBeacon indoor tracking

TruFleet™ AVL provides real-time indoor location data using strategically placed iBeacons. These wireless iBeacons emit Bluetooth signals with a range of up to 100 feet (subject to the environment) and a battery life of three to five years. As a radio pairs with iBeacons at known locations, TruFleet™ AVL displays the user’s location on the web browser.

TruFleet™ AVL records the user’s whereabouts, as well as the date and time of the radio’s movements for historical playback.

Highest resolution tracking at the lowest cost

Our patented contrail data compression algorithm is designed to provide higher resolution tracking while reducing data loading. 2-Way radio network operators can increase the number of subscribers on a network without having to increase costly radio infrastructure, and cellular LTE-M users benefit from a ten-fold reduction in data, resulting in lower-cost data plans.

Calian contrail tracking provides turn-by-turn reports (no missed corners) and provides location tracking accuracy down to the block level – particularly important when auditing vehicle locations.

Works on cellular LTE-M and 2-way radio networks

TruFleet™ is compatible with cellular LTE-M, Tait, Motorola MOTOTRBO and Kenwood NEXEDGE 2-Way radio networks.

TruFleet™ supports hybrid operation, enabling fleet managers to view both the location of vehicles on 2-Way radio networks and cellular LTE-M networks from the same web client.

Cloud or local hosting

TruFleet™ AVL can be deployed on-premises or hosted on a cloud service, aligning with your IT strategy to reduce costs or ensure security compliance.

TruFleet.Cloud is a full Software as a Service Application.

Third-party interfaces

Fleets are an integral part of an organization’s operations but are only a means to an end. You have other applications that really run your enterprise. Your fleet management solution should integrate into these other applications so it is an effective extension of your enterprise’s mission, not a stumbling block.

TruFleet™ implements open protocols, such as XML and JSON, as well as higher-level industry-oriented protocols, like MultiSpeak, for the utility sector. Where there is no standard, we customize. Ask us! 

TruFleet.Cloud connects to multiple ARCGIS servers per customer “organization” to display customer specific infrastructure information. You can also export to multiple Outage Management Systems per organization and multiple International Fuel Tax Agreement service providers, with multiple account sign-ins.

If you'd like to know more about Trufleet™ AVL Solution or any other solution or product, don't hesitate!

More key features and benefits

Comprehensive reporting

Optimize operational efficiency with summary, detailed and customized reports

Alarms and alerts

Automate alerts for emergency alarms, speed, geofence breaches and more

Convenient messaging

Text and status messages can be sent/received by users and dispatchers


Geofences can be created for individual vehicles or entire fleets

Automated functions

Alerts, log retrieval, reporting and archiving

Exceptional customer service and support

The Calian team stands behind our products and solutions

Fleet management through leading partnerships

Three white semi-trucks driving on a highway in a mountainous landscape.

Comprehensive fleet management solutions by Calian

Calian partners with top communication technology providers to deliver fleet management solutions for industries like school transportation, utilities, construction, public works, and public safety.

A row of parked yellow school buses seen from the rear, with safety signs and tail lights visible, under a partly cloudy sky.

Key industries

  • Security
  • 24/7 Electrical/HVAC
  • Transportation
  • School Buses
  • Taxi
A truck driver wearing a cap and jacket uses a radio while steering the vehicle.

Connecting dispatchers to the mobile workforce

Calian’s TruDispatch Console™ connects mobile MOTOTRBO™ radio users with dispatch centers via a software-based voice and text dispatch solution. Key features include:

  • Assigning the nearest technician to emergencies
  • Audio playback for supervisors
  • Driver-to-dispatch communication
  • Work order relay between crews and supervisors
  • Paging mobile workers for call backs
  • Easy MP3 file search in call logs

TruDispatch™ enables dispatchers to monitor and communicate with radio users, send and receive text messages, and manage multiple channels from a Windows PC. It enhances accountability with conversation logging, boosts productivity with efficient team management, and improves situational awareness with real-time coordination and location verification.

A black electronic device labeled "Tallysman Sprite" with connector ports and indicator lights.

Tracking for Kenwood NEXEDGE™

TruFleet connects to Kenwood NEXEDGE networks at the node level or via a donor radio. Experience all of the TruFleet location management features for Kenwood’s radios, including indoor tracking.

A person wearing a yellow beanie is driving a vehicle and holding a CB radio microphone, with a view of the road ahead through the windshield.

Comprehensive MOTOTRBO™ solutions

TruFleet™ supports all MOTOTRBO™ network configurations, including Conventional, Capacity Plus, LCP, Connect Plus, and Capacity Max, and interfaces with 3rd party applications using XML, JSON, MultiSpeak, and custom interfaces. The Tallysman Sprite™ TW200 in-vehicle hardware provides accurate event-based reporting for MOTOTRBO™ networks. Additionally, Tallymatics offers four apps (Data Compression, Man Down, Forms) installed on a Generic Option Board (GOB) to extend TruFleet capabilities directly to your vehicles.

A row of white semi-trucks is lined up in front of a large warehouse on an overcast day.

Fleet management solutions for Tait

Calian, a member of the Tait/L3Harris Technology Partner Program, provides fleet management solutions for industries such as school transportation, utilities, construction, public works, and public safety. 

Supporting TaitNet™ DMR, P25, MPT1327, and conventional radio systems, Calian offers accurate GPS-based location and event updates. The TruFleet™ system ensures efficient tracking, auditing, and flexible deployment. Calian also provides a range of in-vehicle GPS receivers and telematics tracking devices for Tait radios, including magnetic mount and fixed-mount options.

A person holding and using a smartphone with a blurred telecommunications tower in the background.

Seamless ICOM PoC integration with Calian TruFleet

Calian TruFleet supports ICOM Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC) radios that support GPS. TruFleet connects to ICOM’s PoC networks via Donor Radio connection, ICOM’s VE-PG4 Bridge, or directly Into ICOM’s cloud-based PoC routing solution.

Multi-networking solutions by Calian

Calian’s TruFleet® product stack supports multiple networks and device types, ensuring seamless integration and visibility in one application.

A woman in a high-visibility vest holds a tablet while looking at cellular antennas on a tower.

Comprehensive multi-networking

Calian’s TruFleet® product stack supports multiple networking environments, including LMR/DMR/P25, cellular, and Push To Talk over Cellular (PoC), and various device types such as mobile radios and telematics devices. It ensures seamless integration and visibility across all networks and devices within one application.

A cell phone tower stands tall against a blue sky with some scattered clouds. There is a small airplane visible in the distance to the left of the tower.

LMR/DMR/P25 integration

Calian’s TruFleet® products have focused on 2-way radio, supporting Tait, Motorola, and Kenwood networks. Calian excels at managing data channel idiosyncrasies and tracks GPS-equipped LMR/DMR/P25 radios. For radios without built-in GPS, Calian’s high-performance Smart Antennas provide multi-constellation GNSS geo-points, digital inputs, and inertial sensors.

A telecommunications tower with multiple large circular antennas attached, against a clear blue sky.

Cellular network advantages

Calian’s TruFleet® can also leverage cellular networks for AVL applications, overcoming the limitations of radio networks’ bandwidth and coverage. The Sprite TW400 LTE-M IoT tracker uses low-bandwidth LTE-M, offering interfaces like OBD port, I/O, 1-Wire MicroLAN, and soon Bluetooth, to maintain functionality while minimizing service charges.

A woman in a yellow safety vest speaks into a walkie-talkie at a workstation in a warehouse. Another person in a safety vest is seen in the background.

Push to Talk over Cellular

Calian’s TruFleet® supports multi-network tracking, including LMR/DMR/P25 and cellular networks, and integrates with various devices like PoC radios, 2-way radios, and purpose-built telematics devices. The emergence of Push To Talk (PoC) as a communication method provides broad coverage and minimal bandwidth limitations. 

Calian integrates PoC devices with GPS capabilities into its AVL tracking application using gateways for major PoC overlay vendors. Since January 2021, Calian has integrated with ICOM’s PoC Overlay, supporting the IP501M and IP501H radios for comprehensive tracking solutions.

Image showing a black Tallymatics device, a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tag, and a white and blue cardiac monitor with wired sensors. The BLE tag appears to interact with both devices via Bluetooth.

Effective asset management and tracking with TruAsset

Calian’s TruAsset ensures you have the right tools for the job by managing and tracking Bluetooth-tagged assets. Unlike typical AVL solutions that focus on vehicles, TruAsset tracks the equipment on them, impacting mission success. TruFleet.Cloud, combined with the TW400 Tracker/Gateway and TW5470 BLE transceiver, provides comprehensive asset management. TruAsset is part of Calian’s TruFleet.Cloud Software as a Service application.

For more information about TruAsset or other products, please contact us.

TruFleet.Cloud: Clean. Modern. Reliable. SaaS.

Track, correlate and manage your Telematics, mobile devices and associated equipment. Orchestrate your business.

Screenshot of a map displaying a route replay for an electric utility service vehicle. The route, shown in blue, spans from Ottawa to Beachburg, with trip details in a pop-up.

Mobile mission assurance

Calian’s TruFleet.Cloud platform integrates people, equipment, material, and vehicles for successful mobile missions, whether for utilities, paramedics, or service routes. It offers comprehensive tracking, including vehicle locations via telematic IoT gateways, portable radio tracking, and BLE-tagged equipment management. This ensures visibility and control, making deployment and management easy for both large and small organizations.

A collection of communication devices including two-way radios, a vehicle tracker, and a desktop computer and smartphone displaying a map interface on their screens.

Key features

TruFleet.Cloud is a Software as a Service on Azure, accessible via any browser. It supports multi-network integrations (radio, cellular, PoC) and allows tracking of multiple fleets and sub-fleets. Key functionalities include graphical route replay, trip timeline dashboards, Bluetooth asset tracking, and GIS feature import via ArcGIS Server. The platform also provides flexible out-of-hours driving notifications, emergency alerts, and comprehensive reporting tools.

Diagram showing communication between a radio network and cellular devices through TruFleet Extender Service (TFX), connecting to TruFleet on Azure. Visuals include radios, vehicles, and computer screens.

Cloud-based service

TruFleet.Cloud eliminates the need for managing server-based applications by leveraging Azure’s reliability, scalability, and security. Suitable for fleets of all sizes, it offers cloud-centric configurability, easy addition and management of telematics devices, and a subscription-based model that reduces operational expenses. The system supports various radio and telematics technologies, ensuring seamless integration and efficient fleet management.

A geofence setup screen in a fleet management software. A polygonal geofence area is displayed on a map with options to show on map, select color, adjust opacity, and draw geofence.

Data entry options

When starting on a new platform to manage assets, entering inventory information can be challenging. For those with a small set of assets, manual entry might be feasible. However, for larger inventories, such as 200 assets tracked in a spreadsheet, TruFleet.Cloud offers an import wizard for easy CSV file uploads. This feature supports vehicles, geofences, inputs/outputs, and fleets, making it especially useful for migrating from TruFleet WCP.Server. Users can download template files and follow the necessary order for importing data to ensure a smooth transition.

A map showing a vehicle's route replay with multiple stops indicated. The route is highlighted in blue with specific timestamps and durations listed for each stop on the left sidebar.

Comprehensive AVL and asset management

TruFleet.Cloud offers comprehensive AVL and asset management for multi-network and multi-device environments, integrating cellular telematics, Land Mobile Radio, and Push To Talk over Cellular networks. It consolidates tracking of various devices across multiple private networks, ending the complexities of managing multiple systems. TruFleet Extender connects local radio networks to TruFleet.Cloud, forming a secure link to the Azure-hosted service and ensuring seamless communication and management of all tracked devices.

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