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Acquisition Criteria

To Potential Partners:

Since 1982, acquisitions have played a key role in Calian's evolution, and they continue to be an important aspect of our growth strategy. Through experience, we have learned that acquisitions—by their very nature— can be risky but also very rewarding for all parties. To facilitate and simplify the process, we have created a list of preliminary criteria that are designed to identify synergies between the two parties.

If your company meets these criteria, Calian would be interested in discussing the possibility of acquiring your business. We can convert the equity you have invested in your company into cash and/or dividend-paying, financially solid, publicly traded Calian shares. Patrick Houston, the CFO of Calian, is happy to accept calls from interested owner-managers wishing to engage in such talks. Patrick can be reached at (613) 599-8600. We assure you that your inquiries will be kept confidential and that you will receive a timely response.

The candidate company must be highly specialized, providing a unique service to a specific and loyal customer base. We screen companies to ensure they align to Calian strategically, culturally and financially with initial criteria as follows:

  • Strategically we are looking for candidate companies that:
    • align to or can expand one of Calian’s service lines
    • can expand our market presence with a current or target customer base and
    • can offer new assets or IP that complement our current offerings.
  • Culturally we look for candidate companies that:
    • value integrity, teamwork and the pursuit of excellence
    • have an incumbent management team who is passionate, dedicated, and interested in continuing to grow its service offerings within the Calian family
    • is committed to a successful transition into Calian
    • have a positive brand image and public profile.
  • Financially your company must:
    • demonstrate consistent earning power (we are not interested in financial projections with no prior track record or companies in turnaround situations)
    • have a price in mind that can be expressed as a multiple of last year's EBITDA.

We look forward to working with you to help make Calian Group the most desirable company to work for, buy from and invest in.

The Calian Management Team