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Create sustainable systems

Leverage existing technology while removing data silos to deliver seamless patient care at a lower cost. Integrate any EHR with Corolar Virtual Care and run Microsoft Teams as a native application, maximizing investments in Microsoft Azure and Office365 systems. Clinicians can manage appointments with minimal training and collaborate in a familiar, secure environment.

Increase access and engagement

Provide easy access to multiple care providers in one convenient place—physical or virtual.

Cut down on missed appointments, reduce wait-times and increase patient satisfaction.

The platform supports integrated video chat and shared case histories so clinicians can pull up patient history during the Microsoft Teams session and provide referrals, all from a single interface.

Add clinics and services

Customizable care pathways make it easy to create a patient-centred experience while enabling seamless collaboration among all providers in the circle of care. Support multiple clinic types and intake forms, enable walk-in and scheduled appointments, and activate new services at any time.

Collaborate for better patient care

Create a “one clinic” experience by integrating patient data from different EHRs/EMRs and onboard community partners across the health network. Display intake details and case histories in one convenient clinician dashboard while enabling warm-handoffs and secure collaboration using shared calendars and messaging tools within the Microsoft Teams environment.

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Ambrose Mok

A technology leader with extensive experience in the healthcare and IT industries, Ambrose Mok is an expert in strategic planning, product development and engineering.

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Tazmin Leipsig

With ten years of experience in healthcare technology, Tazmin excels at sustainable product development and building solutions that exceed customer expectations.

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