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Focused on creating the best experience for patients, caregivers and the health care industry as a whole.

Our dedicated team designs customized PSPs that connect all parties using a targeted approach to exceed industry benchmarks while delivering a higher-quality patient experience.

We have unique and proprietary PSP workflow-automation software and systems to ensure excellent quality control, provide significant cost efficiencies and enable a higher volume of patient interactions. As a result, we can provide in-home services at about the same cost as in-clinic, ensuring better outcomes for patients.

Digital Solutions

Helping Government Achieve Cloud Migration Goals—Securely

Calian helps government organizations of all sizes and across all levels securely migrate to the cloud. 
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Cyber Security Solutions

Modernize Your Healthcare Infrastructure and Manage Cyber Risk

Those of you in the healthcare industry who are responsible for IT had a lot to contend with in 2020. COVID-19 accelerated demand for virtual services. Migration to the cloud remained a goal. And the 2020 data breach of the US federal...
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Cyber Security Solutions

Enhance Your Security Posture

Calian offers cyber security services and solutions to mid- to enterprise-size organizations at all levels of government, defence, and private sector. Our strategy of combining organic development with mergers and acquisitions benefits our customers. We deliver the innovative solutions you need to...
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Adherence to the prescribed medication schedule is extremely important in helping patients achieve a positive treatment outcome. Our Stay on Therapy program helps patients remain in control of their treatment through guidance, education and accountability. We believe that patient empowerment through holistic disease management and patient-centric services is the future of adherence programs.

The Stay on Therapy program helps patients comply with their prescribed treatment by offering:

  • Dedicated Care Coordinators to facilitate prescriptions, refills and reimbursement
  • Calls, emails and SMS to remind patients of:
    • Physician visits
    • Medication refills
    • Dosing schedules
    • Educational support
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Real World Evidence

Real World Evidence (RWE) is the clinical evidence concerning the usage, benefits and risks of marketed pharmaceutical products in clinical practice. RWE is derived from an analysis of Real World Data assembled about a product’s use in the “real world,” collected outside the controls and limitations of conventional randomized clinical trials. RWE fulfills the need for broader information on real-world effectiveness and safety that will impact the reimbursement and utilization of new medications as driven by regulators, public and private payers, prescribers and manufacturers.

Data about real-world patient experience has the potential to improve the quality and delivery of medical care, reduce overall costs and improve outcomes. These data help fill the knowledge gap between clinical trials and actual clinical practice.

In partnership with Allphase Clinical Research, a Calian Company, we offer custom-designed qualitative and quantitative Real World Evidence (RWE) data collection as part of our patient programs.

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Our Experts

At the core of a strong team are a set of strong shared values. Our health team operates around values we believe help us build the best experience for patients, clients and the health care industry as a whole. Together, we are innovating patient care and impacting the lives of people every day.

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is the President of two healthcare companies, Allphase Clinical Research Inc. (est. 2001) and Alio Health Services Inc. (est. 2012). Allphase implements and manages Phase 2 to 4 clinical trials for pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Alio Health specializes in Patient Support Program services that include assisting patients in securing reimbursement for expensive specialty medications and providing administration services, facilitated by a specialized proprietary software for maximal efficiency. Collectively both companies employ more than 370 permanent staff and over 500 nurse contractors across Canada. In January 2020, Allphase and Alio were acquired by Calian Group Ltd. Jeff remains at the helm of both organizations.

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Kaytlin Sadler

As Vice President, Kaytlin contributes every day to the mission at Alio Health, acquired by Calian in 2020. She helps define and execute Alio’s strategic objectives and plans for new business opportunities. Overseeing internal operations and building strong client relationships, she has helped maximize Alio’s operational pace to achieve real outcomes. Kaytlin played a key role in the strategic evolution of Alio’s Health Outcomes Management Engine™ (HOME) innovative software that meets industry needs and is helping to shape where the industry is headed. In keeping with Alio’s efforts to challenge and empower its employees, she has built a strong, confident team of diverse yet like-minded individuals.

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Patricia Moore

Patricia is the Vice President, Operations of Allphase Clinical Research Inc. and has been with the company since 2004. Responsible for operational management and business leadership, she is dedicated to the successful and efficient execution of our customer’s clinical trials.

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