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Our Approach and Experience

We design hardware, software, and programmable logic-based solutions to your requirements. We can start with your detailed product concept, or we can develop one for your consideration based on an initial requirements discussion. We then do the design, implementation, testing, and manufacturing as required. We combine a structured, efficient ISO 9001:2015 compliant design process with an innovative yet practical design sense to generate sophisticated solutions that minimize recurring build and operating costs. Design qualification to MIL-STD, EMI/EMC and safety standards is available as well.

We have particular expertise in designs combining complex digital signal processing with analog and RF elements. Our embedded modulator and demodulator products are mixed signal designs that combine a high frequency / wide bandwidth analog RF section on the same board as the high-speed digital section. This in turn provides lower costs, smaller form factors, and enhanced signal integrity.

The FPGAs we use are some of the largest and fastest available. We also pride ourselves in strategic alliances with key silicon vendors to give us access to parts normally unavailable to companies many times our size.

Our work is based on our substantial library of past designs that serve as building blocks for the hardware, software, and logic portions of new designs. We can also develop pure software and logic solutions for your platform, such as the Remote-PHY cores we have developed for the DOCSIS market.

We do our own schematic layout, route our own boards, design our own chassis, and build our own circuit cards on our own SMT line. We write our own software and code our own logic, making use of proven vendor IP cores when available. We provide full documentation and training as required and support you through any integration activities there might be when merging our solution with your platform.

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