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Innovative engineering solutions—from software to products

Calian is your comprehensive engineering partner, offering a variety of products and solutions, from custom software, integration and embedded designs to lifecycle support, R&D and qualification testing.


Deliver tomorrow’s connectivity today with Calian custom software

Calian has more than 30 years of experience in designing and developing custom software solutions. Our software enables the world’s communications companies to deliver safe, reliable services all around the globe.

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No-fail software

Whether it be safety services for trans-oceanic flights and vessels, or critical communications in military theatres, we build software that cannot fail. Powering connectivity for smart cities and smart farms, and satellite radio and communications for remote and emergency situations, our systems are there, providing the connectivity when and where it is needed. 

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Delivering outcomes through Innovation

We work with our customers to understand their challenges, delivering outcomes through innovation. Using agile processes and flexible collaboration we enable our customers to operate, manage and evolve their communication services and networks. As the world grows closer, our software technologies enable our customers to deliver tomorrow’s connectivity today. 

Meet demanding performance requirements with Calian integration design

Calian’s integration design team develops custom products and systems for RF, test and measurement, defence and agtech applications where off-the-shelf solutions don’t exist. We are not merely a system integrator, we are a system solution provider. We work cooperatively with you to make your projects and programs successful.

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Best-of-breed products

We employ best-of-breed COTS products when possible and customized hardware designs when necessary. 

  • Our approach minimizes risk and maximizes value while meeting the demanding performance requirements of the systems we deliver.

End-to-end solution

 We have the skills and the resources to design, integrate and test a complete end-to-end solution. 

  • Our design drawings, cable builds and manufacturing work is all done in-house at our facility in Saskatoon. 
  • Our engineering and manufacturing solutions are certified to ISO 9001:2015 to ensure high-quality workmanship. 
  • To ensure site installation work goes quickly and smoothly, the team that performs that work is often the same team that did the integration and test in the factory. 

Superior hardware integration

We provide hardware Integration capabilities beyond those offered by many of our competitors. 

  • Calian has a state-of-the-art in-house suite of test equipment, and we have substantial automated test infrastructure to drive it. 
  • Our systems engineering capability brings a requirements-driven approach that can tackle the most challenging of designs. 
  • Software development and embedded design teams provide monitor and control capabilities to those systems that might require it via our Decimator and Mon-A-Co products. 

Embedded designs that minimize recurring build and operating costs

Calian offers a full suite of embedded design capabilities for commercial and defence markets. We build upon our substantial portfolio of analog, digital and mixed-signal designs to reduce cost and time to market.

Custom-built solutions

We design hardware, software and programmable logic-based solutions to your requirements. 

  • We can start with your detailed product concept, or we can develop one for you based on an initial requirements discussion. 
  • We then do the design, implementation, testing and manufacturing in our own facilities. 
  • We combine a structured, efficient ISO 9001:2015 compliant design process with practical design sense to generate sophisticated solutions that minimize recurring build and operating costs. 

Mixed-signal designs

 We have particular expertise in designs combining complex digital signal processing with analog and RF elements. 

  • Our embedded modulator and demodulator products are mixed-signal designs that combine a high frequency/wide bandwidth analog RF section on the same board as the high-speed digital section. 
  • This enables lower costs, smaller form factors and enhanced signal integrity. 

Efficient process

Our work is based on our substantial library of past designs that serve as building blocks for the hardware, software and logic portions of new designs. 

  • We can also develop pure software and logic solutions for your platform, such as the Remote-PHY cores we have developed for the DOCSIS market. 

All in-house solution

We do our own schematic layout, route our own boards, design our own chassis, and build our own circuit cards on our own SMT line. 

  • We write our own software and code our own logic, making use of proven vendor IP cores when available. 
  • We provide full documentation and training as required and support you through the integration when merging our solution with your platform. 

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Operational management and lifecycle support

Calian’s operational management teams are dedicated to planning, organizing and delivering services tailored to meet customers’ needs, from overseeing the Canadian Forces airborne fleet to developing requirements for advanced defence and security systems.

  • Calian offers comprehensive solutions to address diverse challenges, including deploying PMP-qualified project managers, providing satellite operational support, managing lifecycle needs, offering fleet-wide management services and delivering specialized custom engineering expertise.
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Modelling and simulation-enabled design

With the diversity of mission capability and the associated requirement for more advanced technologies, designing modern systems is an especially challenging task. Calian uses modelling and simulation (M&S) to inform critical design choices within the design and validation phases for both next generation and legacy systems. 

  • Utilizing advanced M&S capabilities, Calian gains insight into a system’s behaviour upstream of real-world testing through constructive, virtual or live simulation, supporting the concept development, experimentation and requirements development phases of the systems engineering process.  
  • M&S techniques and technologies employed by Calian markedly expedite the design cycle and diminish associated design costs.
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Composites engineering and technology

Calian’s composites engineering capabilities embrace the use of industry-leading CAD, FEA and metrology packages, incorporating state-of-the-art methodologies to break new ground in our designs. 

  • Calian’s facility is equipped with <25μm 3D spatial positioning tools and high-precision metrology equipment to achieve tight tolerances and validate that those tolerances are maintained during production. 
  • We use high-quality software and lab equipment to verify our designs throughout the product lifecycle to minimize costly redesigns and maximize product performance.
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Research and development services

Calian is a leading service provider in the provisioning of support to research and development initiatives in the defence, communications and security domains. The associated capability set established to support the initial phases of the systems engineering process—concept development and experimentation, analysis, and requirements development—is portable to any critical systems environment. 

When an operational deficiency is identified, Calian initiates the process of building/assembling the team and technologies to resolve the gap. Some of our current areas of delivery include: 

  • Human/autonomous interaction
  • Next-generation command and control
  • Development of operational concepts for future systems
  • Evolution of security protocols associated with the protection of personnel, equipment and data

Qualification testing

Calian has comprehensive on-site system integration, qualification and test capabilities that are used for all products, services and systems that are developed and manufactured within our facility.

Our multi-million-dollar inventory of high-precision test equipment includes spectrum analysis and monitoring tools, high-capacity thermal chambers and vibration/shock tables which are all used to validate product requirements and ensure superior quality.

Military applications: Calian’s in-house system integration, qualification and test capabilities are used to validate our products’ performance even when exposed to the harshest conditions across a multitude of military applications. We have qualified products to many military standards including MIL-STD-461F, MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-1275D.

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Asset management

Calian has an established capability in the design, delivery and maintenance of asset management systems tailored to customer requirements. Critical to Canadian defence and its asset visibility requirements, Calian works with the Defence Resource Management Information System (DRMIS) to identify data construct issues as well as taking corrective action on content, defining the material required to capture equipment information.  

  • Calian has significant experience with the remediation of existing data within DRMIS, extracting, resolving and replacing equipment data.
  • Responsible for the identification/marking of all active, serially managed material within the CAF, Calian has developed an extensive library of marking specifications associated with the Crown inventory.
  • Calian has implemented a data capture protocol able to inform DRMIS of the existence/context for managed material within any complex environment. 

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