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Calian Guam Teleport

The Calian Guam teleport, located in Pulantat, Guam, offers a range of connectivity services, including:

  • Media content distribution and backhaul—live events, occasional use, broadcast turnaround, time delaying, head-end, aggregation and distribution
  • Mobility—monitoring and guidance for vessel locations, velocity and emergency services, mobile content delivery to ships and planes, remote traffic and logistics management, inflight entertainment and WiFi in the sky
  • Military and government agency services—secure network and transmission services, access to PACOM and DISA sites via fibre
  • Oil and Gas (On and Offshore)—crew welfare, real-time performance metrics
  • Disaster Recovery—fibre backup, cellular backhaul, direct access to fibre carriers, internet backbone presence for cloud services

The Guam teleport provides a full range of carrier services that connect the Marianas (Guam, Saipan, Tinian and Rota) and beyond, providing carrier-quality connectivity to the Commonwealth of the North Mariana Islands (CNMI) and Micronesia over multiple cable systems including the ATISA 280-kilometre submarine cable system.

Calian Saskatoon Teleport

Located across the street from Calian Advanced Technologies headquarters, the Saskatoon Teleport provides full-featured services for communications gateways and TT&C for satcom as well as Earth observation clients. Our teleport boasts modern facilities, a world-renowned engineering workforce and full support and maintenance services onsite. With state-of-the-art terrestrial fibre and infrastructure at our disposal, Calian can support teleport needs for a variety of satellite services.

The Calian Saskatoon Teleport hosts the world’s first full-motion, four-metre Q/V-band antenna for tracking low Earth orbit (LEO) or medium Earth orbit (MEO) satellites. Capable of communications with Q/V band satellite constellation payloads, this Calian-built antenna includes a full-functioning radio frequency (RF) gateway system and is available for demonstration, testing and validation.

The innovative Calian pedestal design enables the system to track LEO targets at high elevations using an elevation-over-azimuth motion system. Depending on customer needs, a tilt mechanism or a fully dynamic third axis is offered to permit tracking through the keyhole and allow full sky coverage.

The Calian Saskatoon Teleport currently hosts antennas from four to 11 metres, at frequencies from S-band to Q/V band.

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